You Say Italy, I say Eat-ily

April 14, 2017
by: Toni Jakovec

Premium Italian Pasta produced exclusively for vomFASS.  Please explore our website for information on how to be a part of the exclusive vomFASS franchise opportunity.


Long praised as one of the world’s greatest cuisines, Italy has earned the lasting devotion of “foodies” everywhere.  Italian food consistently shows up as one of the top five favorites in culinary polls worldwide.  vomFASS recognizes the importance of Italy’s contribution to the evolution of outstanding cuisine and offers a wide variety of its products.  Below is a comprehensive list of the many exceptional Italian products available at vomFASS shops.

“The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you’re hungry again.”  —George Miller, Australian physician, film director (Mad Max franchise), screenwriter & producer

The extraordinary Italian products featured below are available for tasting at vomFASS franchises nationwide.


Extraordinary quality defines these unrefined oils, with low levels of oleic acid, yet retaining true olive taste highlighting the fruit’s natural vitamins and minerals. vomFASS offers an impeccable collection of extra virgin olive oils with flavors that range from subtle to intense exhibiting hints of grass, artichokes, almonds or herbs. Hand-selected artisan producers use traditional mechanical pressing and extracting, ensuring chemical processes and additives are never used. vomFASS olive oils from Italy include:

Denocciolato   Madonia    San Domenico San Gimignano   Pepone


vomFASS carries a large selection of premium products from Italy.


These oils are composed of 100% extra virgin olive oil which are carefully infused with natural herbs, fruits, vegetables, roots, or mushrooms. These hand-crafted creations contain no artificial flavors or additives, unlike most supermarket varieties. This infusion creates full-flavored, aromatic oils that can be used in countless ways from salads and vegetables to meats and starches. Experience these exciting oils at vomFASS:

Basil   Bear’s Garlic   Garlic   Grapefruit   Herbes de Provence   Jalapeño  Lemon  Orange  Oregano   Porcini   Red Pepper   Rosemary   Tangerine   White Truffle



The kings among vinegars have been made for over 900 years, using ancient, sacred recipes. The specific procedures, processes and maturity procedures are still closely guarded secrets. The variations in these processes are instrumental in creating the wide range of flavor profiles.   Each vomFASS aceto balsamico di Modena varies in maturity as well as in flavor – from intense and delicate to velvety thick with hints of chocolate.


Aceto Balsamico de Modena – Maletti   Aceto Balsamico de Modena – Platinum

Aceto Balsamico de Modena – Gold   Aceto Balsamico de Modena – di Famiglia 



Porcini Pasta:  This fine Italian pasta is made from fresh free-range eggs and refined with a hint of celeriac. Excellent with butter; seasoned with salt, pepper and parmesan; brightened with olive oil; combined with onions, garlic and spinach or enhanced with a creamy sauce.

South Tyrol Colorful Fettuccini: This noodle specialty from South Tyrol is a wonderful Italian pasta made from fresh free-range eggs and flavored with aromatic wild garlic. It is excellent in combination with bacon and garden herbs or with smoked salmon and nuts.

South Tyrol Tagliatelle:  Manufactured exclusively with fresh free-range eggs, these delicious noodles go well with venison ragout or salmon and lemon oil.


Green Olives in Brine: These green Italian Calcidica olives are delicious as appetizers, in salads, on pizza, in pasta dishes and with seafood or cheese.



vomFASS franchisees have the unique opportunity to thoughtfully select wines from Italy and around the globe.  Some of the selections may include such classic Italian wines as:
Chianti Rufina   Cortenova Prosecco  

Rinaldi Moscato di Asti

Lambrusco Amabile Bruscus San Valentino Red 2015



Grappa Amarone: This grappa is produced from the grapes that yield the famed Amarone della Valpolicella wine.  The dark, rustic spirit delivers a range of flavors from walnuts and almonds to grassy, floral notes.  Aged in oak barrels for 3 years.

Grappa di Chianti Classico: The marc used for this grappa hail exclusively from the DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) wine-growing region of the Chianti classico between Florence and Sienna. The fragrance, taste and aroma are full and reminiscent of the hills of Tuscany.

Grappa di Nebbiolo Invecchiata: This rare and classic grappa is matured in oak barrels for 3 years, producing an outstanding depth of flavor with a mild sweetness. Containing aromatic hints of hazelnut and chocolate with a long lasting, smooth finish.  This grappa is perfect after dinner or alongside a flavorful espresso.

Grappa di Moscato Riserva: Aged for 18 months, this wine has the delicate and pronounced aroma of the Moscato grape along with fine hints of the oak barrel, producing wonderful aromas with mouthwatering smoothness and a long aftertaste. Best enjoyed straight after dinner.

Grappa di Recioto Amarone Riserva: Matured over three years in a wooden cask, this expressive grappa is a specialty from the Valpolicella area. Only the ripest grapes are dried and pressed, then fermented and distilled in a gentle process producing the gleaming amber color and complex aroma of vanilla and cask flavors.


Italian Brandy-Reserve Speciale: This 20 year old brandy was carefully selected by vomFASS.  Showcasing a beautiful amber color, a wonderful smell of raisins, oak, spices and dried fruit, Italian Brandy brings an intense flavor and a long, smooth finish.

When sitting down to a fabulous Italian meal, remember this wonderful expression: A tavola non si invecchia. The phrase is not about the importance of good eating or even the delights in a glass of wine. This is at the heart of the Italian culture: You don’t age while seated for a meal. Words to live by. Mangia!

Cucumber Melon Salad
Toni Jakovec April 14, 2017



  1. In a large bowl, combine cubed cucumbers, cubed melons and chopped onion. Toss to incorporate.
  2. Zest the lime, then juice the lime. Set aside.
  3. In a small bowl, whisk together vomFASS Honey Star Balsamic, lime juice & zest, vomFASS Extra Virgin Lemon Oil, minced garlic, vomFASS salt & pepper. Taste and adjust seasoning.
  4. Pour dressing over melon mixture and toss to coat.

Recipe may be doubled or tripled


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