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German cuisine is often characterized as meat-heavy and potato dense. But in fact, much of German cuisine relies heavily on fruit to lighten dishes and bring a sweet and sometimes sour element to the flavor profile. Dishes are more often flavored with a fruited vinegar than wine like its French neighbors. vomFASS brings this creative approach to the US by offering a diverse array of German fruited vinegars; infused oils and excellent liqueurs. Below is a short tour, with a few highlighted items, of German products.


These versatile German oils, made from sunflower oil, are infused with natural herbs and fruits. These two aromatic oils can be used in countless ways from salads and vegetables to meats and starches and can be used for higher temperature cooking.

Chili Oil (organic): The oil from sunflower seeds combined with hot chili creates a sweet-fruity aroma ideal for frying and barbecuing. Chili Oil is also a surprising finishing oil to anything from pasta to stews when you want just that extra bit of spicy flavor.

Garlic Herb Oil: A quick way to add a dash of garlic to any sautè.

Sun Meadow Rapeseed Oil: This cold pressed oil is dairy-free but has a distinctive butter flavor. A wonderful cooking oil, the rich flavor lends itself to eggs and fish.


vomFASS produces its own aged fruit vinegars and other products for their growing US franchises at their headquarters in Waldburg.


The remarkable array and exceptional quality of German fruited vinegars has become the hallmark of vomFASS. Whether experienced on their own, paired with one of the Italian infused extra virgin olive oils or enjoyed as a luxury component in sparkling water, these vinegars are in a class by themselves. Below is a comprehensive list of vomFASS German vinegars, including a few descriptors.

Apple Balsamic: This dark amber vinegar, ripened in oaken barrels, elevates any recipe calling for apple cider vinegar. It pairs beautifully with the vomFASS Walnut Oil for an exquisite vinaigrette; makes a refreshing shrub when added to sparkling water and brings a bright, sweet flavor to pork chops and pork roasts.

Calamansi Balsamic: The deep citrus flavor is derived from the exotic Calamansi fruit of the Philippines. The exclusive vomFASS recipe combines the fruit with brandy vinegar and sugar, producing a sweet and sour product with light hints of mint. This vinegar is particularly successful paired with the vomFASS Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a Thai influenced vinaigrette. It is also recommended as a wonderful marinade for fish. Combine with sparkling water for an exciting twist on lemonade.

Grape with Ginger Lemon: White grapes form the basis of this extraordinary vinegar, incorporating extracts of both ginger and lemon for added brightness and to develop depth of flavor. Paired with the vomFASS Ginger Sesame Oil, an Asian flavor profile dressing is created for a cabbage based salad or spicy noodles. Excellent for use when brightening a sauce or marinade.

Mango Balsam: The Philippine Isle of Cebu is the only source for the large and delicious Carabao Mango that vomFASS uses to make their spectacular mango vinegar. This vinegar pairs brilliantly with the vomFASS Chili Oil for a spicy stir fry, exciting vinaigrette and excellent dip. Added to sparkling water, the mango is a refreshing drink.

Pomegranate Balsamic: The pomegranate has been used for thousands of years, and vomFASS has now refined this magnificent juice with brandy vinegar. The most popular pairing for the pomegranate vinegar is with vomFASS Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil. This pairing produces an unbelievable “peanut butter and jelly” flavor that makes a surprising vinaigrette and is a welcome change served over oatmeal.

Raspberry Balsamic: A very bright, ruby hued vinegar, the raspberry brings a gentle acidity and clarity to any dish. It pairs wonderfully with vomFASS Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a vinaigrette uniquely suited to wild and bitter greens. Added to pan juices and reduced, the raspberry vinegar produces a rich pan sauce for seared lamb chops or duck breast.

Additional delicious aged fruit vinegars found only at vomFASS franchises include: Cranberry Balsamic, Cherry Balsamic, Grape, Honey Balsamic, Maletti Bianco, Pear Balsamic, Quince Balsamic, Strawberry Balsamic, Winter Plum Balsamic


The extraordinary vinegars within the “Star” category are among the finest the world has to offer. Exemplifying the subtlety of their fruit, these highly concentrated vinegars contain a higher sugar content and lower acidity. Their delicacy makes these German Star vinegars especially well-suited to desserts, salads and baking.

Blueberry: When ripened, these little black-blue colored berries have a full-bodied aroma and a rich, deep blue-red coloration, both of which, together with its wonderfully balanced ratio of sweetness and sourness, have turned the Blueberry Balsamic Star into an absolute shooting star. This pairs brilliantly with vomFASS Pistachio Oil for a spectacular salad or get creative and drizzle over pancakes or ice cream.

Honey: Starting with honey balsamic vinegar, selected blossom honey is added for flavor. It then matures at consistent temperatures in oak and acacia barrels, whereby it obtains the finishing touches and soft nuances of vanilla. Whether paired with vomFASS Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil or merely drizzled over fresh fruit, this vinegar is a Star.

The vomFASS Fruit Star Vinegars catagory also includes: Apple, Plum, Date, Fig, Fig Chili, Forest Raspberry, and Wild Mango


These two exceptional German vinegar products deserve a category of their own.

Beer Solara: Surprisingly, obtaining vinegar from beer is just as feasible as obtaining it from apple or grape wines. As with wines, the alcohol in beer is converted into acetic acid. The refining component is a typical ingredient of beer: the sweet malt. Famously used in England with Fish and Chips, try using this distinctive German vinegar over fried or oven-roasted potatoes or use to caramelize onions.

Herb: A wonderful vinegar made from grapes and brandy with extracts of herbs and spices. This herbaceous vinegar creation comes from vomFASS’s own Waldbug factory. A perfect companion to a leafy green salads or with a heartier meat and cheese salad.


Feel like a kid in a candy store again with your own vomFASS franchise.


The word “liqueur” is commonly used today to include a wide variety of potables ranging widely in alcohol content from 15 to 55 percent. Liqueurs are sweetened spirits flavored with ingredients including seeds, fruits, herbs, flowers, nuts, spices, roots, leaves and barks. These exceptional German liqueurs can be served after dinner or as a component in many popular cocktails.

Apricot with Grappa: This most popular liqueur is avomFASS exclusive. Carefully made in Germany, this fruity creation is 90% apricot juice. Served chilled on its own; added to sparkling wine for a refreshing spritzer and combine with cognac for a spectacular after-dinner drink.

Hunter’s Herbal: Slightly sweet, with rich notes of caramel and licorice, this German liqueur is made from a blend of herbs. Traditionally used as an after-dinner drink, Hunter’s Herbal is a remarkable digestif and even takes on the role of bitters in a cocktail.

Nut Chocolate: This luxurious brown liqueur combines the fine nuances of hazelnut with a natural aroma and mild taste of coca beans. Nut Chocolate is delicious when served in coffee, alongside creamy desserts or on its own.

Other specialty liqueurs produced in Germany include: Blueberry Valentino, Caipirinha Lime, Fine Orange, Honey Pear, Latte Macchiato Cream, Nussler, Piña Colada, Sour Cherry with Vodka,and Vanilla Dream

Here’s an easy and impressive holiday treat.

Apples and walnuts have always been wonderful companions, and this salad takes double advantage of that kinship. First by using apples and walnuts (surprise!) and secondly by dressing the salad withvomFASS FassZination Walnut Oil and vomFASSStar Apple Vinegar
Toni Jakovec April 28, 2017
apple walnut salad recipeIngredients:


  1. In a large bowl combine butter lettuce, apple cubes, walnuts and dried cranberries. Toss to combine
  2. In a small jar combine vomFASS Star Apple Vinegar, vomFASS FassZination Walnut Oil, and Dijon mustard. Shake to emulsify. Season to taste.
  3. Dress greens with vinaigrette and serve.

Recipe may be doubled or tripled


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