Who Put the Fruit in the Vin….Vin…Vinegar?

The remarkable array and exceptional quality of German fruited vinegars has become the hallmark of vomFASS. Whether experienced on their own, paired with one of the Italian infused extra virgin olive oils or enjoyed as a luxury component in sparkling water, these vinegars are in a class by themselves.

Below is a compilation of some of vomFASS’ most popular vinegars, along with suggested pairings and uses.



This dark amber vinegar, ripened in oaken barrels, elevates any recipe calling for apple cider vinegar. It pairs beautifully with the vomFASS Walnut Oil from roasted nuts for an exquisite vinaigrette; makes a refreshing shrub when added to sparkling water and brings a bright, sweet flavor to pork chops and pork roasts.


The deep citrus flavor is derived from the exotic Calamansi fruit of the Philippines. The exclusive vomFASS recipe combines the fruit with brandy vinegar and sugar, producing a sweet and sour product with light hints of mint. This vinegar is particularly successful paired with the vomFASS Olive Oil with Basil, Extra Virgin, for a Thai influenced vinaigrette. It is also recommended as a wonderful marinade for fish. Combine with sparkling water for an exciting twist on lemonade.


A very bright, ruby hued vinegar, the raspberry brings a gentle acidity and clarity to any dish. It pairs wonderfully with the Olive Oil with Rosemary,
Extra Virgin, for a vinaigrette uniquely suited to wild and bitter greens. Added to pan juices and reduced, the raspberry vinegar produces a rich pan sauce for seared lamb chops or duck breast.


White grapes form the basis of this extraordinary vinegar, incorporating extracts of both ginger and lemon for added brightness and to develop depth of flavor. Paired with the vomFASS Ginger Sesame Oil, an Asian flavor profile dressing is created for a cabbage based salad or spicy noodles. Excellent for use when brightening a sauce or marinade.


The Philippine Isle of Cebu is the only source for the large and delicious Carabao Mango that vomFASS uses to make their spectacular mango vinegar. This vinegar pairs brilliantly with the vomFASS Chili Oil for a spicy stir fry, exciting vinaigrette and excellent dip. Added to sparkling water, the mango is a refreshing drink.


The pomegranate has been used for thousands of years, and vomFASS has now refined this magnificent juice with brandy vinegar. The most popular pairing for the pomegranate vinegar is with vomFASS Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil. This pairing produces an unbelievable “peanut butter and jelly” flavor that makes a surprising vinaigrette and is a welcome change served over oatmeal.

Product Spotlight!



This excellent balsamic vinegar is produced from aromatic strawberry vinegar and strawberry puree, according to vomFASS’s own unique recipe. It’s mouth-watering when used with fresh and fruity salads, dips, or drizzled over asparagus. Or, enjoy it mixed with mineral water for a wonderfully refreshing drink. This vinegar pairs beautifully with our pistachio oil.

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