Travelers often put down franchises and chain businesses. “Support local,” they say. As a self-declared “authentic traveler” who thrives on experiencing the true essence of a culture, I agree.

But what if there was a best of both worlds? Such as a franchise owned and supported by a passionate local family? Or a chain that brought another place’s local offerings to you? That’s exactly what VOM FASS is all about.


The Back Story

I was fortunate enough to win a ticket to Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) in Minneapolis, Minnesota through my Travel Blog Success membership. One of the lures of attending TBEX is the variety of complimentary pre- and post-TBEX tours in which you can partake. As my whisky affection would have it, there was a “whiskey tasting tour” at VOM FASS in the Mall of America on the schedule!

I had never heard of VOM FASS before, so discovering it was a franchise initially left me slightly disappointed because I typically stray from franchises when I travel. My disappointment turned to appreciation after involving myself with the owner Tamra and her tasting staff – all passionate, non-corporate whisky lovers.

VOM FASS, meaning “from the cask” in German, offers exclusive gourmet offerings for your tasting pleasure. Sample any of the artisan-produced oils and vinegars, exclusive Scotch and Irish Whiskeys, fine brandies, and other unique spirits, liqueurs, and wines.

Franchises Aren’t the Enemy

One of the most important benefits of supporting franchises – so long as they have an authentic mission and intentions – is the bargaining power they have.

The larger pool of resources, established contacts, and name recognition are all characteristics of franchises that you can benefit from. These qualities are what lead Vom Fass to being able to curate such a unique collection of fine, rare whiskies that would other wise be inaccessible to those outside of the Scottish and Irish borders.

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