vomFASS is the new ‘Black’

Newly designed vomFASS fixtures are chic and modern

Newly designed vomFASS fixtures are chic and modern

When it comes to style, black is always the most glamorous choice.  In the oft-quoted words of style diva Coco Chanel, every chic woman needed the perfect “little black dress” in her wardrobe.  vomFASS will soon become the equivalent in retail space as the “little black shop.”

The new, sleek black store interiors will become the perfect backdrop to display the glistening gems of the vomFASS collection.   Fragrant oils, fruited vinegars, wines of the world and jewel-toned spirits will be lavishly displayed on the newly conceived ebony system, all enticingly lit with soft LEDs.

The sophisticated design concept was arrived at through a collaborative effort by vomFASS founder, Johannes Kiderlen; his son and CEO Thomas Kiderlen and the Franchise Manager Gunther Veit.  Their goal was to modernize and re-invigorate the look of the franchise, enhance product exposure and stay ahead of the competitive curve.  The team was meticulous in their attention to detail and uncompromising in their vision.

The exquisite new store design unites location and product placement in a delightful symbiosis.  Clear walkways, bedecked sales and tasting islands, all expertly lit to guide the customer’s interest and to compliment the products.  “Our goal was to update the interiors with a modern, young and playful atmosphere, and still retain the unique experience vomFASS offers,” said Franchise Manager Gunther Veit.

Black back drop is the perfect foil for gourmet products and cask aged spirits

Black back drop is the perfect foil for gourmet products and cask aged spirits

The exciting interior concept has already been put in place at Ravensburg (Germany).  According to franchise owner, Tina Valenti, “as an entrepreneur it is vital to stay one step ahead.”  Her customers have validated the new concept with compliments, “….looks very elegant” and the average sale total has increased significantly.

A key element to making this new design effective was very careful planning and incorporating the less appealing aspects of a business into the overall ambiance.  This includes thoughtful placement of the POS system, marketing items and shop management tools.  The design was created around the jigsaw puzzle matrix.  Using this simple model type, each shop elects to “plug in” only those elements that will complement and enhance their individual store.  This customization will also avoid the dreaded “cookie-cutter” feel of so many franchise shops.

In business for only 22 years, vomFASS is showing remarkable wisdom and expertise in managing their franchises.  Just shy of 300 current locations, the growth is steady and franchise inquiry rate is climbing.  As a great business model, vomFASS is in the black.

Bacon and Date Potato Salad 

Take your potato salads upscale with vomFASS Whitle Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Date Balsamic Star vinegar.  
For this and other delicious recipes on the vomFASS website (www.vomfassusa.com).


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