VomFASS Gourmet Opportunity Pleases Many

by Toni Jakovec

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Foodies are only one demographic
frequenting vomFASS

Defining and then connecting with the ideal demographic for your shop is the holy grail of every vomFASS franchisee.  A crystal ball is not needed if the gourmet franchisee stays plugged in to American culture and identifies trends.  An alert owner designs their marketing efforts to appeal to these ever-growing trends and general interest in all things “foodie.”

The word “foodie” was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary just four years ago.  According to the MW, a foodie is “a person who enjoys and cares about food very much.”  This makes it official, foodies are here to stay and they are making their mark in today’s world.  According to Martha Stewart, food has become the new fashion, stating that, “it often seems that you are what you purchase in the supermarket or at the farmer’s market; your grocery list is a reflection of your values and your identity.”  Who knew that purchasing an exotic vomFASS Truffle Extra Virgin Oil is now the equivalent of sporting a pair of Louboutins?  The celebrities that dictate today’s trends are just as likely to be famous innovative chefs, such as Thomas Keller; Alice Waters and Ferran Adrià, as they are to be fashion designers like Ralph Lauren; Donna Karan or Tom Ford.  In today’s popular culture the “Food Network” and the “Cooking Channel” rival “ESPN Sports” and “CNN” for viewers.

VomFASS is poised to take a big bite out of this new market of food enthusiasts.  But it is not just the elite “foodies” that vomFASS products appeal to, but also the myriad of other food “movements” that continue to spring up and bring new customers through their doors.

The popularity of “diet driven” foodies is an ever-evolving and growing market today as well.  Diet driven foodies are those who design their menus around dietary needs or health benefits.  These movements include such food prefixes as whole; raw, organic or diet prefixes such as Mediterranean.

Using the following definitions, it’s easy to see how vomFASS products dovetail easily into the popularity and needs of today’s major food trends.

The whole food movement includes foods that have been processed or refined as little as possible and are free from additives or other artificial substances.  VomFASS products are the perfect accompaniment as our extra virgin olive oils and fruited vinegars adhere to the strict definitions required of the “whole food” movement.

The raw food diet includes only uncooked, unprocessed foods.  VomFASS offers a wide variety of extra virgin olive oils, as well as exotic nut and seed oils, which are cold-pressed making them an ideal and delicious option for raw food aficionados.

Simply stated, organic produce and other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation.  VomFASS has several extra virgin olive oils that are certified organic and enhance farm to table dining.

Hailed for its valuable health benefits, adherence to a Mediterranean diet has become a food trend that vomFASS embraces enthusiastically.  Featuring Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy, France, Greece and Spain, vomFASS is a one-stop-shop for all customers interested in this healthy lifestyle.

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Artisanal cask aged spirits at many
vomFASS franchise stores

Foodies, however, do not live by food alone.  They have also had a major impact on the liquor industry.  The upsurge in the demand for cask-aged spirits is a natural outgrowth of the foodie farm-to-table trend.  Leaving behind the ubiquitous vodka-tails of the last century, millennials and other food-centrics are favoring the slow aged amber liquors such as single malt scotches and barrel aged whiskies.  The renewed demand for these robust comestibles has rocked the spirit producing world, prompting Esquire Magazine (2/27/14) to warn its readers that, “I’m here to tell you that there is, however, one impending shortage that should be making your palms sweat a little bit: high-quality whiskey.”

In anticipation of exactly such a calamity, vomFASS continues to foster their long-term relationships with their Scottish, Irish and American producers, offering a steady supply of today’s most sought after single malt scotches, Irish whiskies and American bourbons.

Taking into consideration today’s most talked and written about trends, it is easy to see why vomFASS gourmet franchise opportunities will continue to flourish and grow.  Specializing in carefully crafted artisan products will guarantee vomFASS a place on the cutting edge of American popular culture and always ahead of the curve.

Fig Arugula Salad

aurgula saladFebruary is National Heart Health Month.
The vomFASS website has lots of delicious and healthful recipes.  The tasty Fig Arugula Salad makes any meal special.  Try serving it with grilled lamb chops or hearty steak with our vomFASS Lamb Tangine spice  or vomFASS Chimichuri seasoning and enjoy the benefits of premium herbs and spices and light dash of sea salt.  These seasonings can be found through our vomFASS OVS stores.


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