vomFASS Celebrates 5 Years at Mall of America

vomFASS at MOA, at the entrance to Culinary on North (N345)

Typically, you won’t find vomFASS shops in mega-malls surrounded by hundreds of other stores.  Most are situated in downtown city centers and neighborhood shopping locations across Europe and the U.S.  But since 2014, Tamra Kramer, her daughter Kristi Elder and their team have been finding success in one of the largest retail settings in the world – Mall of America®, Bloomington, MN

Tamra Kramer, second from left, with daughter Kristi Elder, third from left, and team.

With more than 40 million annual visitors, a theme park with roller coasters and a 1.2-million-gallon aquarium, Mall of America (MOA) focusses on current market trends by providing an entertainment environment that fuses unique experiences with traditional retail.  With more than 500 other retail options to compete with, vomFASS shines through by offering customers a one-of-a-kind tasting experience not found elsewhere in the mall. This interactive aspect of the vomFASS concept continues to show that it resonates with customers across the globe.

A wide selection of rare spirits and unique liqueurs await customers and are available to try before you buy.

“Location, location, location was all I thought about when choosing a space for my now 5-year business. Foot traffic is essential for year over year sales consistency and growth,” said Kramer when asked about the shop. “Three years ago, we relocated from a high traffic area overlooking the main rotunda to the new ‘Culinary on North’ area of MOA,” explained Kramer when asked about challenges she has faced along the way. “Although the move was the right thing to do for the long run, it really challenged our business the first year after the move, as we had space adjacencies that were not occupied as the north wing was going through its transition. To weather the storm, we partnered with Mall tourism and marketing departments and the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau to figure out ways to increase traffic from visitors to the region.” 

Kramer guiding customers on a tasting tour of bourbons.

“Guests of MOA are looking for an adventure for their kids and themselves. We are the only Oils, Vinegars and Spirits taste-before-you-buy concept in MOA, which has allowed us to experiment with new ideas to drive sales,” said Kramer. The Mall itself hosts over 350 events every year to bring in new visitors by focusing on experiences.  Following suit, the vomFASS shop offers a variety of interactive cooking classes, corporate events, product demonstrations, wine tastings and more to continue to grow and stay relevant.

A simple and delicious dish created at a cooking demo and ready to be enjoyed by customers.

Does this new store concept sound like a perfect fit for you?  Please contact us at franchiseinfo@vomfassusa.com for additional information about owning your own shop!

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