VomFASS USA President Featured In Entrepreneur Magazine After Finding International Franchise Success


It’s not every day successful businesses outside the country can open up shop inside the United States. Entrepreneurs––foreign or domestic––often find themselves faced with many hurdles to overcome before expanding their business in a different country. Justin Gibson, President of vomFASS USA spoke to Entrepreneur Magazine this past spring about the his first encounter with the brand in Germany and elaborated on what motivated him to bring such a unique business to the United States.

A casual store visit turns into much more

Returning back to his days as a Ph.D. candidate living in Germany, Justin recounts entering one of the country’s many vomFASS locations and sensing the uniquely gourmet atmosphere almost right away after walking through the door. While browsing the rows of bottles and glass balloons showcasing the many varieties of oils, vinegars, and fine spirits, Justin found the attention to exceptional service especially noteworthy. A friendly, yet persistent store employee, Justin says, convinced him to try a sample after sensing his initial hesitancy. Impressed with the quality of a unique product and memorable store experience, the seed for new growth was planted. Upon returning home to Madison, Wisconsin, Justin began preparing to bring vomFASS and its collection of premium products across the ocean and into the kitchens of American consumers. Teaming up with his father to make an initial investment, the duo secured the rights to vomFASS USA and set about creating a whole new team of franchisees capable of reaching a brand new audience of customers. While vomFASS is certainly one of many international businesses to open its doors to American consumers, the process of adapting to a different culture of consumers is not something easily done by all who try.

Finding a way where others find none

When it comes to international franchise development, all eyes are on the United States––a country offering enormous growth opportunities for companies able to appeal to its residents. As mentioned in Entrepreneur, you may have heard of other companies who successfully transitioned their traditionally foreign brand into something Americans can value and enjoy––some of which may surprise you! Speaking to the broader franchise environment worldwide, Ray Hayes, senior director at a California-based business consulting service explained the current situation as something of the opposite of what it was 20 years ago. Where once domestic companies raced to expand into developing markets elsewhere, little thought was given to adapting products and services to other cultures and consumer expectations. Today, American consumers constitute the biggest prize for outside companies looking to fill voids here at home.

vomFASS presents a new experience to the American landscape

This idea of bringing a new kind of product or service to customers looking for novel businesses to explore fits perfectly with vomFASS’s story of success in such a short time. Establishing locations in areas primed to respond to a gourmet product line, vomFASS goes beyond what a regular grocery store can provide by giving visitors a captivating in-store experience geared with product exploration and customization in mind. No other business gives potential franchise owners the means to create such a strong connection with their community––something the vomFASS audience seems to value immensely. As the combination of truly unique products and personalized service continues to resonate with consumers here at home, vomFASS will continue to reach out to those looking to bring this kind of new shopping experience to their communities. If you’re interested in joining the vomFASS team as a franchise owner, we’d like to hear from you. Speak with us about identifying the right city for a new franchise opportunity today.

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