VomFASS strikes oil in Sardinia

There has been a great deal of talk about the looming olive oil shortage caused by this years’ poor harvest. Overall, the 2014/2015 olive oil production season is likely to result in a 20% reduction in the world’s olive oil supply compared with the previous year. Not exactly great news if you’re considering a vomFASS franchise. You might ask yourself, “How does a company like vomFASS handle diminishing supplies of one of their key products?” That’s a fair question, so let’s see how vomFASS tackled this slippery issue.

Johannes Kiderlen in Sardinia.


Foreseeing the potential olive oil supply shortage, vomFASS founder and owner, Johannes Kiderlen, began searching for artisanal olive oil producers to supplement regular supply channels.  Succeeding beyond his expectations, Johannes discovered Don Giovanni Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Sardinia, in time to avert any shortages for vomFASS stores.

A superior-category olive oil, Don Giovanni is produced at the Fattorie Enrico Loddo di Manuela Loddo in Sardinia.  Located in the Parteolla region near Cagliari (Sardinia), the Loddo family has cultivated their olive groves since 1955.  In 1986 Enrico Loddo, the young owner, inherited five acres of olive groves from his father, which he has expanded over the years through the purchase of new land.

“Oil is a passion of my family for generations. I have inherited the olive groves from my father and every year we produced 500 bottles of oil and gave them to friends and members of the family,” tells Enrico Loddo.  So greatly was this olive oil appreciated, Enrico decided to expand by seventeen more acres and to upgrade the oil production by modernizing the equipment. He soon began to travel around Europe to publicize his olive oil.

Today, his daughter Manuela directs the family farm.  Her husband, Nicola, along with Enrico himself, maintain the twenty-five acres of irrigated olive groves.

The harvest begins in mid-October and is carefully handpicked through December. The Fattorie Loddo cultivates three different varieties of olives: the “Tonda di Cagliari”, “Semidana” and the “Bosana”. The olive is a very delicate fruit, which requires careful handling to maintain its high quality. To ensure no damage is done to the olives, they are carefully transported in flat, ventilated boxes, pressed the same day in a local oil mill, utilizing the high pressing standards required by the farm.  The oil is then stocked in the farm in stainless steel containers under food-nitrogen pressure and stored in a thermo-regulated room.  Decantation is natural, without filtration.

Thanks to this cold-pressing method our Don Giovanni olive oil has an intense fruity aroma with a well-rounded flavor and a nice touch of bitterness. The Fattorie Loddo has a strict rule: all the used ingredients must be produced in Sardinia.

Don Giovanni arrives just in time to avoid any shortages in vomFASS shops.  A lovely artisanal unfiltered olive oil with its wonderfully fruity scent and fresh notes will soon become a vomFASS favorite.

And that’s how vomFASS handles market uncertainties….successfully.


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