VomFASS: Designed For Success

One of the great challenges in the franchise world is how to avoid that “cookie cutter” look of each location and yet maintaining and even enhancing the parent company’s well established brand design. What would appear to be a daunting task to most of us, the imaginative firm of Aro Eberle Architects handles deftly. The talented Christine Pearson, Assoc. IIDA at Aro Eberle took time out of her busy schedule for an interview.

Christine Pearson

Christine Pearson,
Aro Eberle Architects

Toni Jakovec: Good morning Christine. Thanks so much for giving us this time.

Christine Pearson: You’re welcome. I love talking about the vomFASS projects.

TJ: Let’s get started. First off, where is the Aro Eberle firm located and when did you start designing for vomFASS?

CP: We are located in Madison and we began by designing the Madison store.

TJ: So Aro Eberle has been associated with vomFASS USA from the beginning.

CP: Yes, though I personally was not part of that original design team. I began working with vomFASS about a year ago. In fact, one my first projects was assisting on the San Francisco, Ghirardelli Square store.

TJ: I love that store, and what a location! When I visited the SF shop I remember thinking how cleverly the space had been utilized and how the shop fit so seamlessly into that historic location.

CP: Yes, that was a challenging and yet highly rewarding site.

Crestview Hills

vomFASS Crestview Hills, KY

TJ: What is your secret for designing vomFASS franchises; establishing a unique presence and still honoring the corporate brand?

CP: That, of course, is always the challenge. When designing for a location that is essentially a blank canvas, or as we call it a “vanilla box”, or for locations that come with innate character and unique architecture, we are careful to create a design that embraces the existing architecture but also fits the vomFASS image. So actually, our overall design is dependent upon the “bones” of the chosen site, giving each location that distinct look, while fitting clearly into the vomFASS family.

TJ: What is the most common challenge you face when designing vomFASS franchises?

CP: Probably that would be complying with each states’ or counties’ alcohol regulations. For example, many regulations require that there be a clear physical division between food and alcohol displays. We have come up with some very attractive ways to accommodate these regulations without disrupting the flow or warmth of the shop.


vomFASS Noblesville, IN

TJ: How many shops have you designed for vomFASS and do you have any pictures?

CP: Not counting the San Francisco store we already discussed, there have been nine franchise shop designs. Of the nine, five are already open and the other four are in various stages of completion. I do have some wonderful pictures. And as you will see, each location has its own character with accommodating layouts.

TJ: Those are beautiful. And you said you had four in various development stages?


vomFASS Wilmington, NC

CP: Yes. There is a “shop within a shop” in the Jackson Hole Grocery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They are due to open in around June of this year. There will be a hybrid vomFASS store at the Mall of America in Minnesota opening early April that is designed to feel more like one space although is divided by a glass wall to comply with the alcohol license requirements. A Maple Grove, Minnesota store opening in May.


vomFASS Claremont, CA

TJ: So Christine, do you have a favorite vomFASS product?

CP: I do indeed. The Irish Whiskey Liqueur with honey.

TJ: A perfect choice. In fact, let’s end on that sweet note. Thank you so much Christine, this was fascinating.

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