VomFASS – Aged to Perfection

We are all fascinated by the enigmatic alchemy that transforms simple fruit juice into deep, complex wines or dark, rich vinegars. Hidden from view in heavy wooden casks, the mysterious metamorphosis occurs.


Countless articles have been written over the years about the aging of great wines.  But here at vomFASS we are masters at the time honored art of aging sweet, ripe fruit into exquisite vinegars.  Apples that are lucky enough to be chosen by vomFASS experience an amazing transformation.  Eighty-eight pounds of apples are reduced to 30 liters of apple juice in just 24 hours.  This juice ferments for one to four weeks, first into apple wine and then into apple cider vinegar.  At this point, the apple wine slumbers for a few months before emerging as apple balsamic vinegar.  The process, however, does not end here.  Tucked now into oak casks, an average of three years will allow the vinegar to deepen into a mature, darkly amber apple balsamic vinegar, suitable for a position of honor among the vomFASS aged vinegars including Honey; Beer Solara; Spanish Vinagre Viejo and all of the Balsamicos.


As important as aging is to most fruit vinegars, the quality of an Aceto Balsamico owes more to the production process, rather than age alone.  The cooking of the grape “must” (the freshly pressed juice of grapes, or other fruit, before fermentation begins) is an essential, complex process devised to prevent any unpleasant flavors.  As the cooking slowly continues, the amount of water decreases and the liquid concentrates.  This gentler, longer and more complex process produces a luxuriously concentrated vinegar. The ratio of wine vinegar and cooked grape must defines the concentration, sugar and viscosity of the vinegar.  The higher the amount of cooked grape must, the more viscous the product is and the more sugar it contains.

Aging does come into play, however, with the exclusive vomFASS Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Extra Vecchio.  This exceptional and rare balsamic is aged for at least 25 years in a special place called “acetaia” and is distinguished by the golden cap.  The traditional balsamic has a very long maturation in a variety of high quality barrels.  It is during the 25 year maturity period when carefully monitored evaporation results in a deeper concentration producing a more viscous liquid with a milder flavor.  Before sale this dark elixir must meet the strict conditions set forth by the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena consortium.

vomFASS single malt scotches bring aging to yet another level.  Originally scotch was clear and frequently flavored with fruit and herbs.  Consumption was generally very soon after distillation, or presumably as long as the maker could wait!  However, once the use of oak casks, which produced smoother and more flavorful whisky, was commonplace, aging became an important step in the production of uisge beatha –the water of life.  Finally, in the 1920’s, a three year, oak cask aging on Scottish soil became a mandatory requirement for whisky producers.

What specifically makes aging so important, you may be wondering?  First and foremost, oak barrels impart flavor, improve to a silky smoothness and bestow the amber color we associate with a fine Scotch. Additionally, the oak “breathes” allowing oxygen to help develop the unique characteristics of a great Scotch.  This oxygenation is not without some evaporation, which reduces each barrel’s contents by the “angel’s share.”  The aging process is completed in the barrel and does not continue once the Scotch is bottled.

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Wines for the season…..

While you’re at vomFASS, take the stress out of wine shopping for the holiday season.  Each shop offers a carefully selected array of wines from around the world to enhance traditional menus as well as the more exotic.  Here are a few traditional wine pairings suggested by the knowledgeable vomFASS staff:

  • Appetizers – Prosecco or Champagne
  • Turkey – Riesling
  • Pork Roast – Chardonnay
  • Roast Beef – Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Ham – pinot noir
  • Lamb – Merlot
  • Dessert – Moscato

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