Time to Meet the Dickisons!

The Dickisons went to Florida to buy a house and bought a vomFASS franchise instead! Imagine what they’d get if they went to the store for a carton of milk!


Toni Jakovec:  Hi Linda.  I know that you are very close to opening your vomFASS franchise in The Villages, Florida.  How did you find out about vomFASS?

Linda Dickison:  We first walked into a vomFASS store in Maplewood (St. Louis). I took Phil, kicking and screaming, because he is not a shopper. I gravitated to the oils and vinegars and Phil was drawn like a moth to a flame to the pyramid of casks containing the bourbons, scotches and cognacs. An hour and quite a few dollars later, we left, got in the car and I said to Phil, “This is the perfect business for The Villages (where we planned to retire and were actively looking for a second home anyway).” So, I contacted vomFASS about buying a franchise.

TJ:  Now that’s what I call decisive.  Tell me a bit about The Villages.  What kind of community is it?

LD:  The Villages is a community that consists of many little neighborhoods, all connected through three main “town squares” which offer shops and restaurants as well as entertainment every night of the year.  Everything is so close and self-contained that The Villages is considered a “golf cart” community.  Special roads, tunnels and overpasses have been built specifically for countless golf cart driving residents.  This is an active retirement community of over 100,000 people, primarily over the age of 55. vomFASS is the perfect fit for us and we are very excited to be able to open exactly where we want – karma.


We rented a home in The Villages where I now reside full time. Until now, I’ve commuted back to our home in Michigan, but since the cooler weather has set into the Midwest, Phil will now commute to Florida. He travels so extensively for his job, my moving to Florida isn’t any different than my staying in Michigan.  But we’ve got a plan to spend more time together…..making vomFASS our retirement business.

TJ:  What is the address of your new store?

LD:  We’re located in one of the three Town Squares in the Villages.  Our vomFASS store is in Spanish Springs Town Square at 1105 Main Street, The Villages, Florida.

TJ:  Sounds ideal.  You will be the vomFASS flagship store for foodies.  Is the store under construction at this point?

LD:  Exactly.  This week they’re painting; then we move on to light fixtures, plumbing and major appliances.  Once the flooring is in, we’re golden.  Looks like we’re about three weeks to a month away from opening.  We would love to shoot for a soft opening on Black Friday, but December 1st seems likely.  Of course, we will have compiled a stock of gift sets for holiday shoppers. 

Street view of the new vomFASS shop in The Villages, Florida




TJ:  Do you have a grand opening date in mind?


LD:  Yes, we plan to have a gala grand opening after the first of the year.


TJ:  Is it true that you and Phil wanted to retire in The Villages, but were looking for a business for retirement?


LD:  (laughing) We had planned to retire down here for years, and it was our plan to buy a house in The Villages this year.  We ended up buying a vomFASS franchise instead!


TJ:  Who’s going to be running your new store?


LD:   My sister, Karen, will be the store manager.


TJ:  I know that your husband, Phil, travels a great deal.  What is his profession?


LD:  Phil is the chief officer for the licensing exams of nurses in the US and Canada.


TJ:  Well that certainly explains the travel.  Tell me, how does one prepare for such a career?


LD:  He is a psychometrician.


TJ:  A what?


LD:  Psychometrics is the measurement of an individual’s psychological attributes, including the knowledge, skills, and abilities a professional might need to work in a particular job or profession. A psychometrician might work in any area of testing.


TJ:  Most people retire FROM business not TO business!


LD:  But vomFASS is FUN!  We plan to do it as long as it’s fun.


TJ:  I think that sounds wonderful.


LD:  It’s perfect for us.  We love to cook, we love to entertain.  And Phil has become a pretty decent mixologist.  We love to experiment with different cocktails and food.  We stocked up on vomFASS in Maplewood, then again in Madison for Experience Day and finally in Madison again for training.  We’ve been great experimenters with these wonderful products.  Once the store is open I plan to take a salad for lunch and have a different dressing every day….how fun will that be?


TJ:  With all of this experimenting, I’ll bet you’ve got a great recipe for us.


LD:  I knew you we’re going to ask, so I am going to share a favorite cocktail.  When I lived in Nashville, they made this drink using rose water.  So I have adapted it using the vomFASS Wild Rose Liqueur and Yahara Bay Vodka to create the American Beauty Martini.


TJ:  Sounds wonderful.


LD:  Actually, I think I’ll make one up for tonight’s talk with Phil.  Today is our wedding anniversary, so we’ll have a cocktail together over FaceTime.


TJ:  Well, happy anniversary to you two, and thanks so much for taking time out for this interview.



LD:  You’re very welcome.

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