The name is Fass…..vomFASS

A Taste of vomFASS…..Great Britain Style


Great promotional campaigns are the key to a thriving franchise and vomFASS UK has designed an extremely effective and popular event.  They have successfully launched a “one hour tasting demo” for all of the vomFASS shops throughout the United Kingdom.  The “demo” concept targets an untapped customer base.  Invited to experience the tastes of vomFASS, these new customers are entertainingly exposed to the incredible selection of spirits, cocktails, oils and dressings, all presented with vegetables, cheeses and breads.

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Each new guest receives a tray upon arrival, featuring five salad dressings and three cocktails.  There is a short tour of the shop that allows the guests to discover the extensive product range in a social, rather than retail, atmosphere.  The event is marketed as a “Spirits, Oils & Dressings Tasting Experience“, with the emphasis on “experience“.   What food lover would not be intrigued?

The tasting experiences are sold for £20 ($33US) in the shop.  Special promotions, at 50% of the original price, are offered via electronic giants “Amazon Local“, “Groupon“ and “Living Social“ acheiving national exposure.  Each individual shop targets their local area through the shop newsletter and social media; Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The event is geared for 10 guests, which is a perfect size to provide each guest with a personal and informative experience.  Every step has been meticulously planned and is thoughtfully presented.  The preparation stages are divided into 4 major categories:  Introduction; Oil and Vinegar and Spirits Tasting; Marketing and Equipment.

The “introduction“ preparation provides the event staff with informative commentary and answers to frequently asked questions.  The event staff is encouraged to get to know the guests.

The “tasting“ step consists of preparing recipes for the event, which usually includes four dressings and one pure balsamic.  The cocktails are also concocted, featuring gin, vodka and rum.

The “marketing“ prep includes scheduling the date; arranging adertising and social media copy; signup sheets; instore signage and most importantly, coaching the floor staff in how to alert their customers to the upcoming event.  Each tasting session must be booked and paid in advance.

The final step in the process, “equipment“, alerts the event staff to make sure all the necessary products and supplies are ready and available for the event.  Prepare a few sets of featured products for sale at the end of the event.

The unbridled success of the vomFASS UK “Tasting Demos“ is evident in the numbers.  They sold over 700 tickets in the first month.  Through well placed marketing in Groupon, Amazon, etc., they book about 25%.  New customers to the events purchase products 90% of the time with an average sale of £25 ($41 US) per guest.

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