Straight From the Cask at vomFASS The Woodlands

Written & Images by Shanna Jones

Images by Shanna Jones

I can’t decide what I enjoyed most about my afternoon at vomFASS The Woodlands. Was it the flavorful olive oils I sampled that varied in aromas from Avocado to White Truffle, and even the seasonal Smoky BBQ (which I will add is quite fitting for us Texans)? Or was it my stop at the cask-aged vinegar section where I sipped on tart balsamic vinegars and the sweeter Star vinegar variety? Or perhaps it was my memorable moment spent enjoying the liqueurs?

Franchise retail store

Images by Shanna Jones

The “from the cask” experience is absolutely ideal for those who enjoy cooking, love eating, enjoy the adventure of finding a new spirit to try, or just have a love-love relationship with cocktails. For me all of those things apply and hence my appreciation for this one-of-a-kind experience. The goal of any shopping excursion should be to leave with something you love, right? And what better way to ensure you are happy than to try before you buy. Well at vomFASS The Woodlands, you will do exactly that! Your trip to nirvana begins straight from the cask.

Images by Shanna Jones

And even though the experience is of the utmost importance, what really separates vomFASS from the rest is the quality of their product. Their selection is not only unique but you literally will not find it anywhere else (in most cases). This flagship vomFASS store is filled with some of the finest products including chutneys, spice blends, mustards, artisanal oils, vinegars, tequilas, grappas, whiskies, brandies, absinthes, absinthe fountains, and liqueurs. As a matter of fact, the oils and vinegars are made in small batches by small local European farms and offered solely to vomFASS. And the same careful consideration is taken for the spirits. Handpicked from all over the world, many of these spirits are vomFASS exclusives.

Franchisee inventory

Images by Shanna Jones

I spent over an hour in the store carefully selecting my favorites and I have a few recommendations that are a great starting point for your visit: Plum Star Vinegar, Blueberry Balsamic Star Vinegar, Honey Pear Liqueur, Vanilla Dream Liqueur, Latte Machiatto Liqueur, Ginger Lemongrass Liqueur, Pink Grapefruit Liqueur, Apple Pie Liqueur, Lemoncello, Brandy Old Fashioned, Brandy de Jerez – Solera Gran Reserva, and the Grappa Moscato Riserva, just to name a few. Depending on the liqueur you choose, it can be enjoyed solo, blended for a cocktail, drizzled over a dessert, or added to your favorite coffee. I’m just about ready for a refill on my Latte Machiatto Liqueur which is just perfect on the rocks or topped off with a bit of bourbon (slightly chilled).

Franchise personal touch

Images by Shanna Jones

Once I made my way through the entire store, I chose my bottles (ranging from small (50 ml) to large (750 ml)) and the associates handled the rest. The hand scribing of each bottle just rounded out my experience and is just another way vomFASS adds a personal touch.

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