Spring Training for Summer Openings

It would be difficult to put a finer point on the importance of training in the franchise world. A great product line and a stable sales history are certainly the arms and legs of a successful franchise, yet those components cannot stand alone without the healthy armature of a proven training program. After all, when entering a franchise, customers have expectations that each store will reflect the characteristics of their past experiences. Now this doesn’t imply that stores must be “cookie-cutter” versions of one another, but there are standards that each store follows. The questions is – how does one adapt a store to these well designed and time tested standards? This is where a comprehensive training program grooms franchisees for success.

franchisee training

The vomFASS Spring 2017 Training Class Back Row: Franchisees–Carol Mathis, Annalee Mathis, Sandie Trevino and Jerry Trevino. Front Row: vomFASS Corporate Staff, Elaine Sugimura, CEO; Ben Meinen, Operations; Cody Bennett, Marketing; Alayne Gardner-Carimi, Franchise Developme

vomFASS takes franchisee training very seriously. The resources vomFASS brings to its intensive, updated training include: an initial 1-2 day experience session; 6-8 sessions of remote training on products and systems; 8-day training session at headquarters; a comprehensive operations manual; and on-going training using integrated modules including video an

d written references for new employees. Recently we were invited to join a new (and very fun) component to training—the hands-on event preparation evening. It was a terrific opportunity to experience training from the franchisees point of view.

Headquarter training sessions are held quarterly, or as needed, and conducted in Madison, Wisconsin at the corporate offices as well as the two retail shops in the city. The Madison retail shops have become the “working classrooms” for new franchisee training. The trainees learn the skills of great customer service and for the first time have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the best olive oils, vinegars, wines and spirits that led them to vomFASS.

The Trainees

The husband and wife team of Sandie and Jerry Trevino team have chosen McAllen, Texas, the cultural center of the communities in the Rio Grande Valley for their vomFASS shop. Their store opened three weeks after training.

Carol and Annalee Mathis have exciting plans to open their vomFASS shop mid-July in Huntington Beach, California. Blazing the trail as the first “daughter and mother-in-law” vomFASS management team, the Mathis’ will also become the first shop with an “in-house” bar.

The Spring Class of 2017 bonded over vomFASS training, products and people. Trainees tend to form deep connections with one another that follows them throughout the years. It’s through these relationships that each owner finds invaluable support and a true sense of belonging to the vomFASS family.

These exceptional appetizers are one of the “go-to” recipes served at vomFASS events.

vomFASS Pistachio Salmon Bites
Toni Jakovec June 5, 2017
recipe pistachio salmon bitesIngredients:
  • 3 Scallions, slicing green tops into long, thin strips
  • 50 ml vomFASS Pistachio Oil
  • 4 oz. Cream cheese, softened
  • 1 English cucumber, cut into ½” rounds
  • 1 pkg. Smoked Scottish lox, sliced into 2” x 1” planks
  • 2 oz. Capers
  • Ice water


  1. Place scallion slices in ice water to curl. Set aside.
  2. Whisk softened cream cheese with vomFASS Pistachio Oil.  Place in piping bag.
  3. Arrange sliced cucumber on platter.
  4. Pipe a dollop of the cream cheese/pistachio oil mixture onto cucumber center.
  5. Arrange salmon planks attractively on cream cheese.
  6. Place scallion curls on paper towels to remove excess moisture and use to garnish appetizers along with a couple of capers.
  7. A final drizzle of vomFASS Pistachio Oil is optional.

Recipe may be doubled or tripled


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