Smooth Sailing for New vomFASS Franchisees


By Toni Jakovec

New franchisees, Colleen and Jay Cavalieri, are poised to open their first vomFASS shop in San Diego.  Their diverse backgrounds and hobbies make them the ideal candidates to start their very own small business.  Photography; Sailing; Oceanography and Navy backgrounds will give the Cavalieri’s blue skies and clear sailing into their new vomFASS adventure.

Toni Jakovec:  How did you find out about vomFASS franchises?

Colleen Cavalieri:  My husband, son and I were up in the Los Angeles area checking out colleges in Claremont.  My sister works at the Claremont vomFASS, so it was on our “must see“ list during our visit.

TJ:  I understand that you have secured the rights to open 3 stores in the San Diego area.  That’s terrific.  How close are you to opening the first store?

CC:  We are shooting for mid-November.

TJ:  So you already have your first location.  Excellent.  Where will that first store be?

CC:  We’ll be at the Uptown District Shopping Center, which will soon be renamed The Hub.  The shop is at 1050 University Avenue in San Diego.

TJ:  Are there other “foodie“ shops in the area?

CC:  Absolutely.  There is a Trader Joes and an upscale Ralph’s in the center itself.  The Hillcrest area of San Diego is very active and trendy with lots of great restaurants.

TJ:  What was the deciding factor for you when choosing the vomFASS franchise?

CC:  It’s amazing really.  We weren’t actually looking for a business idea until we went into the Claremont shop.  vomFASS was so different from anything we had ever seen.  Of course, we had seen our share of oil and vinegars shops, but never with the amazing spirits.  I loved the wonderful oils and vinegars, but I think it was the spirits that caught my husband’s attention.

TJ:  Funny how that works.

CC:  Isn’t it?  We made a few trips up to Claremont and began tasting the products.  It was easy to appreciate the exceptional quality of the oils, vinegars and spirits.  I think the overall quality became the deciding factor.

TJ:  I understand that you are a professional photographer.

CC:  Yes I am.  I have a studio now and specialize in school sports and family portraits.

TJ:  Also I believe that you and your husband are avid sailors.

CC:  We are, although it is mostly Jay’s activity.  He is a very competitive, semi-pro racer.  We don’t have our own sailboat, but crew with others.  That way we can crew on much larger boats.  Jay was the Director of Sailing at the Naval Academy in Annapolis and is currently a member of the San Diego Yacht Club, the New York Yacht Club and the Navy Yacht Club of San Diego.

TJ:  Like you, Jay has a very impressive background.

CC:  He does.  He is retired from the Navy where he was an oceanographer and meteorologist.  Now he works for a government contract company.

TJ:  Who in your family is the main cook?

CC:  Jay is probably the one who cooks the most.  But I suspect we both will become better cooks once we have the vomFASS store.

TJ:  I’m sure you will because these products really make cooking easy.  Who is going to run the new store?

CC:  That will be me.

TJ:  That will be a good fit since you have run a franchise before, right?

CC:  Yes indeed.  The photography studio started out as a franchise, called TSS Photography, though I am independent now.  At one time I had the franchise rights to all of San Diego.  And long before that I had a children’s dance franchise called Kinder Dance.  We went into preschools and taught dance and gymnastics on site.  In between the two franchises I went back into advertising sales, though I had to find new work with our military moves.

TJ:  You have garnered valuable franchise experience before your vomFASS doors even open.  Now tell us a bit about life in a military family.  I’ll bet you’ve lived all over.

CC:  We have.  Jay and I met here in San Diego.  We have lived in Long Beach and Monterey, California; Guam; Newport, Rhode Island; Annapolis, Maryland and then ultimately settled back here in San Diego.

TJ:  Colleen, have you found your favorite vomFASS product yet?

CC:  I have a bunch of vomFASS products sitting on my counter right now from our last trip to Claremont.  As far a favorites go, I think the Pistachio Oil is at the top of the list.  I also love the Star Plum Vinegar and that great Irish Whiskey Liqueur.  And of course, we’re learning a lot about the scotch’s.

TJ:  Thanks so much Colleen for taking the time out of your busy day.  I know you haven’t had much of an opportunity to experiement with vomFASS products yet, so I have included the following recipe for you.  Enjoy!

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