Shopping For The Fun Of It!


By Toni Jakovec

There’s a great deal of conversation these days about the ever changing American landscape. Shopping malls have become a common topic of late. Have the malls we love so much become an outmoded source of consumer gratification? Has the ubiquitous internet replaced those sprawling structures housing collections of shoe stores and dress shops and food courts? Well, if mall parking spaces are any indication, then they certainly are NOT merely architectural reminders of a bygone age. But, there is no question that things have changed.

What has not changed is a consumer’s desire to experience new and exciting products and services. As long as the experience entices, the consumers will come.

vomFASS is an excellent example of an experience-driven approach. Whether located in a traditional shopping mall, a lifestyle center or on Main Street, vomFASS continues to enthrall, excite and delight consumers with their “try before you buy” philosophy. Eureopean in heritage and tradition, this consumer-friendly technique continues to drive business and grow the customer base through a dedicated and knowledgable staff bent on customer satisfaction.

Apart from the occasional free sample at a grocery store or ice cream shop, how often is there the opportunity to try a variety of different products to decide which one tastes the best? For most people here in America, that list is often very short. At vomFASS almost every flavor can be sampled right inside the store––not only giving customers a completely new and exciting way to shop, but also giving them full confidence that the products they’re buying are truly exceptional and right for them.

In addition to the popular sampling of products, vomFASS also offers the unique opportunity to “mix and match” from their impressive array of oil and vinegar varieties. Customers no longer have to settle for a standard balsamic and olive oil combo, but instead will be offered unexpected pairings from the knowledgeable staff. Customers are encouraged to experiment with combinations and are guided through popular, established pairings. There is a unique opportunity for customers to learn more about the products they use and at the same time to take a mini culinary class. Through tasting and experimenting in the shop, the customer can custom design pairings perfectly suited to their family’s tastes.

It is this highly personal, experiential philosophy that seperates vomFASS from the more traditional and expected shopping encounter.

It is easy to see why discussions and predications over the direction consumers will be taking to fulfill their gourmet shopping needs has little impact on vomFASS shops. Until the internet offers a “try before you buy” app, it is only at vomFASS where the customer can still have that “wow” experience.

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