VomFASS tiptoes across America

With their beautiful first vomFASS store just open this month, we wanted to catch up with Colleen and see how things are going.

vom fass store

Brett and Autumn Guthrie vomFASS Franchise Partners Kansas City

Toni Jakovec:  Congratulations on your new shop!


Colleen Cavalieri:  Thank you so much.  It’s really exciting going in every day.


TJ:  Do you have a good staff in place?


CC:  We do.  We already have 10 part time employees.


TJ:  That’s terrific.  When we spoke last, back in August, you mentioned that you and Jay had the rights for 3 locations.  Do you have a timetable for your next 2 vomFASS shops?


CC:  I wouldn’t exactly call it a timetable, but we do plan to wait until the cash flow from this first location makes it viable to open the next two stores.


TJ:  Also in our August conversation you said that you planned to open the first shop in November.  What was the delay?


CC:  There were several bureaucratic hurdles that slowed us down from the license to the Health Department.  Once it became clear that we were not going to open in November, it just made sense for us to have the fixtures and everything arrive after the holidays.


TJ:  I know your store sells vomFASS spirits, so when you referred to the license you are talking about the liquor license I presume.


CC:  Yes, but actually we have 2 liquor licenses.  Here in California one “on-site” license is required for tasting and one “off-site” license is for sales.


TJ:  Have you found favorite products and how are you using them?


CC: Since we just opened 2 weeks ago, there hasn’t been much time for but I do like to incorporate products into finishing sauces and of course, drizzling Maletti over everything.


As a matter of fact, Mother’s Day was our first big holiday and I needed something quickly to demonstrate our products and offer our new customers some samples. I went next door to the Ralph’s Grocery Store where I picked up some brownie bites and fresh raspberries.  I drizzled Maletti over them and people were amazed.


TJ:  What a brilliant idea!  I’m going to have to try that.


CC:  Yes, it turned out to be a terrific way to show customers how easy and versatile the vomFASS products can be.


TJ:  What pleasant surprises have you had since opening?


CC:  Our location has turned out to be a great community spot.  Locals shop this area often and we have already had repeat business from the community.  It’s a wonderful beginning.


TJ:  When do you plan to have the Grand Opening?


CC:  We haven’t picked a date just yet, but we’re thinking of June.  My sister, Helen Day, works at the Claremont vomFASS and she came down for a week, which was an enormous help.  Not only is she knowledgeable about the vomFASS product line, but she was a joy to be around as well.  She helped us so much that the June Grand Opening will be much easier and we will be better prepared


TJ:  Thanks so much for your time Colleen and good luck in San Diego.


Toni Jakovec:  Hello Brett and congratulations on signing up for the Kansas City vomFASS franchise.  How did you and Autumn find out about vomFASS?


Brett Guthrie:  Thank you.  We had been looking for various business opportunities for a while, something that would take me out of my corporate job. Autumn came across the Vom Fass franchise online. We read about the company, products and the growth of the franchise in the U.S. So we reached out for more information and then became really intrigued with the concept and potential of opening a store in our area.

TJ:  How would you describe your market area?


BG:  We live in Kansas City, MO which is definitely a food-interested town. There are lots of great places in Kansas City, but the Country Club Plaza really stuck out as a no-brainer for this type of business. The Plaza has about a 50/50 split between being a destination for visitors to Kansas City and home to a large population who enjoy high-end shopping, dining, and outdoor entertainment.


TJ:  Did you have any surprises along the franchise discovery process?


BG:  We were pleasantly surprised about how seamless the process has been to obtain financing through Wells Fargo for our SBA loan. Everyone at Vom Fass has been very supportive and responsive to our questions.


TJ:  What special talents, interests or background to you bring to your vomFASS shop?


BG:  We have extensive backgrounds in business and operations, including corporate and retail experience. My sales experience and ability to talk to anyone will absolutely be a plus.


TJ:  When do you anticipate opening?


BG:  We plan to open as early as September, but definitely want to be open by October to take advantage of the holiday shopping season.


TJ:  Would you consider yourselves to be “foodies”?


BG:  We wouldn’t say we’re hard-core foodies in the true sense of the word. But, we both enjoy cooking and experimenting with flavors, and finding wines and spirits to add to our favorites.


TJ:  Have you found a favorite vomFASS product yet?


BG:  We’ve sampled quite a few products, but there isn’t a store near us. We are very excited to bring this to Kansas City so we can find our favorites and help the community find theirs as well.


TJ:  Great answer.  Sounds like you and Autumn will be terrific vomFASS owners.



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