Putting The “Art” In Artisan Oils

2_Armando Morettini und seine Frau Elvia

Nestled in the breathtaking hills of Tuscany, in the province of Arezzo, lies the quaint, walled city of Monte San Savino. The long and colorful history of Monte San Savino, from its origin in the Middle Ages through the eighteenth century, includes occupations by Romans, Goths, German Emperors and even the distinguished de’Medici family. Not until 1748 did Monte San Savino attain its independence. This well documented historical significance was finally acknowledged in 1991, when former Italian President, Francesco Cossiga, named Monte San Savino an official “historic city” of Italy.

Today, Monte San Savino produces some of the world’s most precious olives. The area offers ideal soil and climate conditions for the growth of the olive varietals typical to the region, such as Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo. The olives are harvested by hand from November until well into December, and are then gently pressed to an oil of the highest grade, extra virgin olive oil. These olive oils produce a fine fruitiness just after harvesting rather than the typical bitterness and sharpness.

Lauro Morettini

Growing up in this beauty and abundance was not lost on Armando Morettini and his wife Elvia (pictured above). In 1950 they founded the Olive Mill Toscana Morettini. Today, this family-owned company is headed by the second generation, Lauro Morettini. After his studies and a military career, Lauro left the service with the rank of Lieutenant and developed a growing interest in the olive oil trade. He quickly went into the family business with his brother Minolfo, and was instrumental in ensuring that the business expanded significantly, not only within Italy but also other European countries, the USA and South America. Morettini has earned the company an enviable reputation across the country’s borders, based on years of producing a distinctive selection of the best olive oils from Tuscany.

Each step of the bottling is carefully monitored by advanced equipment, always in compliance with the applicable regulations in the food industry in Italy and the European Union.

Lauro Morettini has been involved in the town of Monte San Savino for many years. From 1995 to 1999, Lauro was a member of the City Council and from 2008 to 2012, he served as Chairman of the Board of an institution that is responsible for the control of cultural activities. Lauro also volunteers for various organizations and supports organizations for the disabled as well as third-world countries. Married since 1988 to Francesca, they have a son Giovanni and twins, Silvia and Alberto.

Lauro is a great sports enthusiast and over the years has sponsored several sports clubs, both in football and volleyball. As president of the association “Poli Savinese M. Ghezzi,” he has successfully promoted the local volleyball team, and led them to the historic national championship in the Italian Series B2 in 1993.

Over the years, a trusting relationship has evolved between the Olive Mill Toscana Morettini and vomFASS, as both companies have developed and grown together. The Pepone Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the exquisitely infused extra virgin olive oils play an essential role in the vomFASS product line that has become indispensable to our customers.

This year Olive Mill Toscana Morettini and vomFASS will collaborate once again for a surprise creation. A wonderfully fruity and spicy Jalapeno Extra Virgin Olive Oil will hit stores in June, just in time for the summer promotion and the World Cup in Brazil!

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