More consumers spending their money locally

MADISON, Wis. — The first few days after Thanksgiving have become big shopping days for consumers, but many of them are thinking of buying their gifts locally. More and more people are getting in on Small Business Saturday.

It’s a day that was virtually unheard of a decade ago, but now Small Business Saturday has local shops booming.

“Small Business Saturday has gotten better and better every year, more attention to it, people are really getting out there and visiting the small businesses, and it’s wonderful,” Justin Gibson, owner of University Avenue Vom Fass, says.

Vom Fass is a ‘taste before you buy’ store that has oils, vinegars, wines, liqueurs and spirits. \

He saw record breaking numbers Saturday.

“10 to 15% up from last year,” he says.

But he says for his particular store, it’s about the atmosphere for his customers. That’s what keeps bringing them back for more.

“They have a lot more fun,” he says. “It’s a lot more engaging. It’s a lot more personal, the experience. They get a tasting tour as well. They get a much more personalized service.”

Over on the square, at Capitol Kids, the owner says it’s the experience for her customers too.

“I think that our customers really enjoy coming and interacting with us and are able to touch the toys, look at things, talk about the ages and stages of children,” Peg Scholtes says.

She says this Saturday in particular was just a great day to get out and get some shopping done.

“It’s also really weather dependent in a store like this,” she says. “We had great weather, and also so many families were shopping together, so we had a lot of activity.”

As an added bonus, owners say, when you buy local, that money stays right here in Madison.

Small business owners ask that you check out local shops when you’re shopping this holiday season, because many of them are donating their time or money to non-profits in the area.

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