St. Louis


Anita Von Ballmoos of vomFASS St. Louis-Maplewood

One of the first things you’ll notice when you meet vomFASS franchise partner, Anita von Ballmoos, is her unmistakable accent. “I’m from Switzerland,” says Anita. “And I was a huge fan of vomFASS in my hometown.”

After being a loyal vomFASS customer for years, Anita one day learned that the gourmet franchise planned to expand to the U.S. market, and saw an opportunity to become part of the brand she adored.

“I knew the products and I really, really loved them.”

Anita had long since taken notice of the company’s standard of excellence—and how that standard might easily contribute to helping build a profitable business.

“The products really do sell themselves. If you make people taste them, they almost always purchase them. I was the same way. Whenever I tasted something, I never left the store empty-handed.”

Anita contacted vomFASS Germany to learn how she might become part of the effort to expand the award-winning brand to North America, and was eventually put in touch with vomFASS USA in Madison, WI. “I trained in Germany, but Germany later forwarded me to David Gibson who helped me learn the rules, showed me how to obtain a liquor license, etc. vomFASS USA gave me a great checklist to work from. I received a lot of help in Madison.”

Anita has successfully owned and operated vomFASS St. Louis-Maplewood ever since.

“It really was the best thing that I’ve ever done—well, marrying my husband was the best thing I’ve ever done, but, yes, I’m really happy with the decision I made.”

“I was a bookkeeper in my previous life. But now I have a lot of contact with customers. I really like customer service, and being my own boss.” Her passion for customer service has been an enormous asset in the day-to-day operations at Anita’s vomFASS franchise store. In the mornings, Anita manages the back office, occasionally taking time to add her personal touch to the specially wrapped gift boxes. The rest of the time, she’s in the store nurturing relationships with her customers.

“I think the owner is present at every vomFASS —they put their personal stamp on their store. “And that’s the remarkable thing. Even though we are a franchise, every store has its own personality.”

In the future, Anita, like all business people, hopes that her store will continue to flourish—perhaps growing into a second opportunity. “Maybe in the future I’ll open a second store. I’m excited about how vomFASS is growing in the United States.
“That’s really good for us.”

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