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Jean Brodnax-Martin was running the second-largest cosmetic surgery center in the country when she decided she needed a change. She shifted from improving people’s exteriors to helping them improve their interiors, via high quality food, by opening a vomFASS with her husband Michael. vomFASS specializes in gourmet cooking oils, vinegars, wines, spirits and liqueurs. Jean loves to cook and was drawn to the company because its food and beverage products are sustainable, fair trade and come from small farms and producers. Jean had originally found the German-based vomFASS several years ago while traveling in Europe.

Jean and Mike first opened their Greenville, SC location in 2014. In early 2017 they opened their second location in Charleston, SC. It’s located in the hub of Charleston activity, on the famous King Street. “We chose franchising because of the head start it gives you in opeing a new business, including large purchasing power, a proven system, unique or proprietary products, and brand awareness. As small business owners, this allows us to focus more on day-to-day operations. “

While the numbers are still being tallied for the Charleston renovation of the historic building in which their vomFASS is located, the Martin’s estimate that their costs for opening their Greenville store ran about $300,000. Their annual budget consisted of rent ($48,000), utilities, phone and internet ($4800), salaries, including part time and seasonal ($30,000), insurance, liability and premise ($3000), accounting and legal ($3000), licenses and taxes ($3000), public relations and advertising ($30,000) and general office software, support and supplies ($2500).

The architect team charged with vomFASS design was equal to the challenge created by the South Carolina liquor laws. The spirits must be separated from the oils and vinegars (grocery) and the spirits side must close on Sunday and by 7pm the rest of the week. Both stores have separate entrances and the two sides of each store are divided glass demising wall, so seamless that each side of the store includes an invitation to visit the other.

Jean and Mike next plan their t third location in Hilton Head in 2018.

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