Local Entrepreneurs to Bring Internationally Acclaimed vomFASS Oil, Vinegar & Spice Concept to Indianapolis


Sundaresh Ramanathan and Anyta Sundaresh Launching a ‘From the Cask’ Shopping Experience, Assuring Customers Love At First Taste

One taste and you will be hooked. Just ask Sundaresh Ramanathan and Anyta Sundaresh, the entrepreneurial team bringing vomFASS to the Indianapolis area. Every delicious product at vomFASS — from oils to vinegars and spices — is ready for sampling “from the cask” [the English translation of vomFASS], encased in tantalizing cask pyramids, glass balloons and vinegar and oil crocks.

The new shop will be located inside the extraordinary open-air streetscape environment of Hamilton Town Center (13185 Harrell Parkway, Suite 150 in Noblesville, Ind.) and will function as a gathering place for the Indianapolis community to discover flavors that turn ordinary home-cooked meals and dinner parties into exceptional culinary creations.

“We are absolutely thrilled to bring a world-class brand known for delivering the best oils, vinegars and spices to customers with a taste-before-you-purchase offering,” Sundaresh said. “This is a retail concept that truly absorbs people…it lives and breathes its slogan ‘look, taste and enjoy.’ When we first laid eyes on it, we fell in love with vomFASS so much so that we became shop owners. We simply can’t wait to share our passion for vomFASS with all who live and visit Indianapolis and its neighboring cities.”

The husband-wife team is planning on developing in-store events such as demos, tasting and cooking classes, to educate the community about the taste and health benefits of their oils, vinegars and spices. The local vomFASS shop will also participate in community events, partnering with other area businesses throughout the year, as well as creating corporate gift packages and events featuring vomFASS products.

“Sundaresh and Anyta are the perfect team to bring vomFASS to Indianapolis. They are talented professionals with success creating the sensory experience that defines our brand,” said Justin Gibson, president of Madison, Wis.-based vomFASS USA. “Given their drive, we’re confident they will be helping everyone in and around Indianapolis make the tastiest, healthiest decisions for years to come.”

vomFASS features handmade products from selected artisans who use traditional methods and follow exacting standards to produce their products. Anyta and Sundaresh are passionate about seeking fresh, high-quality oils, vinegars and spices from small producers in Europe and the United States. vomFASS only sources its products from partners using natural processes, sustainable agriculture and ethical sourcing.

The couple will be taking a proactive approach to helping customers make sound cooking and dietary decisions, introducing customers to the health and taste benefits of a Mediterranean Diet. More of a lifestyle than a diet, the plan is reliant on plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts, olives and olive oil, along with moderate amounts of cheese, yogurt, fish, poultry, eggs, and wine. These foods form the basis of the plan and provide the nutrition, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber that protect against chronic disease.

The vomFASS concept has spread like wildfire across Europe since its launch in Germany less than twenty years ago. Since then, 300 vomFASS franchise locations have opened worldwide and the brand has won numerous accolades, including Franchise of Year in Germany in 2010 and 2012.

By selling hand-selected imported European oils, vinegars, spices, as well as spirits and wines in select locations, and offering an educationally flavorful environment for customers, vomFASS USA has eclipsed projected growth figures this year. In just a few short years of franchising here in the United States, the concept has spread among entrepreneurs seeking a hands-on retail venture that encourages local community ties and embraces a distinct shopping experience.

To learn more about vomFASS in Indianapolis, call (317) 219-3423, email info@vomfasshtc.com or visit www.Facebook.com/VomFassIndy.

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