Indy Style Showcases vomFASS’s Unique Vinegar Infused Cocktails

Sanderesh Ramanathan, co-owner of vomFASS’s Hamilton Town Center location appeared on Indianapolis’s local Indy Style television program to demonstrate one of the more unique creations made from the vomFASS line of infused vinegars.

Surprised by the idea of a cocktail made with vinegar, host Andi Hauser mixed her very own infused drink flavored with simple ingredients and a splash of one of vomFASS’s premium imported vinegars. Watch the full video below.


Andi: All right, guys. When you think of vinegar, what do you think of? You probably think, I don’t know, maybe salad dressing. Some things you would use it in, southern style barbecue, somethings like that. We’re going to have some vinegar infused cocktails and helping me with that or actually doing it and I’m going to be enjoying it is my new friend Sanderesh from vomFASS.

Sanderesh: Hi

Andi: Good morning. This is an interesting concept. Again, I think here in the United States we kind of think of vinegar only to maybe enhance the flavor of things. Not to drink it as we’re going to be doing here.

Sanderesh: That’s right. So, here vinegar is used primarily as a flavor to add flavor to food products. Like you said salad and barbecue cooking or use it as a marinade, but fruit infused vinegar, flavor vinegars make for great cocktails. It’s a family drink. It doesn’t have to be adult drink only. Right?

Andi: Which is nice.

Sanderesh: It’s a family drink. It’s healthy drinks and it tastes really good.

Andi: Okay. I’m really curious when I saw this on the run down yesterday. I was like I cannot imagine what this is going to taste like. So, we’ll talk a little bit more about vomFASS, but first let’s go ahead and get started. How do we make a vinegar infused cocktail?

Sanderesh: So, what I’ll show you today Andy, is actually three different types of cocktails.

Andi: Okay.

Sanderesh: We have a raspberry basil spritzer. We have a sage and apple spritzer and a mint and tea spritzer which actually tastes like iced tea.

Andi: Okay.

Sanderesh: So, if you don’t mind, I’ll guide you and I’ll have you make it so you know how easy it is.

Andi: Absolutely, put me to work.

Sanderesh: Right, so what I’ve done is I’ve already portioned some vinegar and some syrup. Syrup is for sweetness and vinegar is for the flavor. I have a glass of ice. You can just pour the vinegar and the syrup into the glass.

Andi: Okay, both go in? Full amount?

Sanderesh: Yeah, both go in. Just pour the whole thing.

Andi: Whole thing. Okay.

Sanderesh: Pour the whole thing. I pre-measure.

Andi: I don’t want to mess this up. Okay, here we go.

Sanderesh: You can put some . . .

Andi: Put some mints in?

Sanderesh: . . . basil.

Andi: Or basil? This is basil. Okay, that’s right.

Sanderesh: That’s basil. That’s right. You can pour all of it.

Andi: Okay.

Sanderesh: Yeah, why not. Then just pour water. Stir it up a little bit.

Andi: And too with the water, you could use sparkling water if you’d like, right?

Sanderesh: You could use sparkling water, yes if you’d like sparkling then maybe you can use that. Stir it just a little bit and . . .

Andi: All right.

Sanderesh: Give it a taste.

Andi: All right, vinegar infused cocktail guys.

Sanderesh: You can also adjust the amount of syrup. If you like it sweet or you can have more. If you don’t like it sweet you can have less syrup.

Andi: Okay. You know what? You do taste a bit of the tiny, tiny bite that comes with vinegar.

Sanderesh: Yeah. So there’s a . . .

Andi: But it’s very refreshing . . .

Sanderesh: It is.

Andi: . . . is the difference.

Sanderesh: It is. It’s refreshing. It’s healthy. Especially this time, with temperatures the way it has been this past week.

Andi: Yeah. It’s so interesting.

Sanderesh: And with Labor Day coming up.

Andi: I wasn’t sure what to expect. Okay, so this is just one. This is the raspberry basil spritzer here. Do we want to do one more?

Sanderesh: The other is a sage and apple.

Andi: Okay.

Sanderesh: Again, making it just as simple as the one you made earlier.

Andi: All right.

Sanderesh: In this case, I put some ice in this and you can take the two, vinegar and syrup.

Andi: Okay, so here we go again. So, this is easy. When people purchase this from you, do they get these? Because you got to know how much to pour in, right?

Sanderesh: Yes.

Andi: Everything’s got to be carefully measured.

Sanderesh: Yes.

Andi: So pour it in there.

Sanderesh: You just pour it in here. Well, these are just tasting glasses. You can add some sage. So, when you come to the store and we talk about the store just a little bit.

Andi: Mm-hmm.  Add this? Okay.

Sanderesh: We are good. We put the vinegar in the syrup. We pour water and that’s good.

Andi: That’s good? Okay.

Sanderesh: Just stir it a little bit.

Andi: This is so cool. In a range of flavors. So, you guys have a store front, vomFASS. It’s not open yet, but people don’t have to exclusively use these for drinks, right?

Sanderesh: That is correct.

Andi: Okay. Tell me what else.

Sanderesh: So, vomFASS offers a unique from the experience. Before I talk about what we use it for, let me give you a little bit about the story.

Andi: Oh, that one’s good.

Sanderesh: So, vomFASS offers a unique from the experience serving oil, vinegars and spices. Oil is all kinds of olive oil, infuse oil, herb oils, nut oils.

Andi: Okay.

Sanderesh: I’ve got some samples right here. The idea is to build a local relationship with the customer whereby we allow the customer to taste everything before they buy.

Andi: That’s awesome.

Sanderesh: So, when you come to the store we don’t have pre-filled bottles. These bottles that you see here are filled right in front of the customers and you can hand write whatever it’s called so you can personalize it.

Andi: Oh, how neat.

Sanderesh: In terms of uses, you can use it on salads, barbecues, marinades, cocktails and it makes a great gift.

Andi: And we’re talking to these vinegars and oils are from all over the world.

Sanderesh: These are in this case, most of the vinegars that we have are all made out of fresh fruits and are aged in barrels in Germany.

Andi: Okay, in German.

Sanderesh: But spices come from all over the world. The oils come from Europe, mainly from Europe.

Andi: Awesome. We’re going to put all that information on at the end of the show and you guys are also on Facebook.

Sanderesh: Yes, we are.

Andi: So, people need to friend you.

Sandersh: vomFASS Indie. Friend us . . .

Andi: Okay.

Sanderesh: . . . and [it will be] a nice gift. Like us on Facebook. It’s vomFASS Indie and there’s this last if you want to make one more.

Andi: We’re actually out of time.

Sanderesh: You’re out of time?

Andi: Isn’t it. I know, darn right? We were kind of on a roll with the tasting, but seriously the mind tea spritzer is awesome. Super incredible. Here, cheers to you.

Sanderesh: Cheers.

Andi: Thank you sir. Yeah, right. I have both of them. See how that works? All right guys. Stick around because when we come back . . .

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