The Opportunity

unique franchise opportunity

The Opportunity

vomFASS Director of Franchising, Alayne Gardner-Carimi, knows a good thing when she sees it. Here are some thoughts on why she thinks vomFASS such a great franchising opportunity.

In franchising, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the success of franchisees and how opening a franchise business added spice to their lifestyle! Sure, business ownership has its challenges, but the rewards are many and the lifestyle it affords can be very satisfying!

As you research franchise opportunities, you are most likely considering making a change that will put you in control of your career and professional future. Franchising is one of many ways you can transition to a role that can be professionally as well as personally rewarding if you are prepared to invest the time and effort to succeed.

The franchise opportunities that are appealing to franchise seekers are unique franchise opportunities. In the past, everyone and their brother wanted to own a McDonalds or Subway. Today’s franchise seekers want the security of a successful franchise system but do not want to be a small cog in a large franchise machine.

So what are some unique franchises? I like the oil and vinegar franchises, spice franchises, and other specialty food franchises. The shops are fun to operate, the customers are fun to work with, and the financials are amazing. These categories appeal to foodies, a rapidly growing segment of the population.

One of the great challenges in the franchise world is how to avoid that “cookie cutter” look of each location and yet maintain and even enhancing the parent company’s well established brand design. The gourmet food retail franchises have done a good job of creating a unique look and shopping experience.

More often than not, stores that truly provide any kind of great experience at all will leave a positive mark on their customers––in part because others simply aren’t concerned with what kind of experience their customers have. To them, clean aisles and fully stocked shelves are the only things the customer really cares about.

While sampling products prior to purchase has been a common practice in many European stores for centuries, it’s rare to find such a service being widely used here in the United States. You can find this shopping experience in oil and vinegar franchises, spice franchises and gourmet food franchises.

This makes it a great opportunity to stand out to customers not only by improving their dining experiences with new and unique flavors, but also by making the shopping process more than just browsing shelves.

In the culinary world, chefs almost always use their own palettes to determine which ingredients to buy when they shop for new tastes. At vomFASS they take a cue from the gourmet professionals by applying this practice inside the stores, letting everyone be their own judge of what will work best in their kitchen.

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