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Specialty food stores that sell olive oils and vinegars are the latest food trend to sweep America. As Americans search for healthier ways to indulge, olive oil and balsamic vinegar is becoming more prevalent in the gourmet food industry. The number of stores that are solely dedicated to the sale of these fine products continues to grow year after year. These stores are generally a very welcomed addition to the retail line-up, and shoppers eagerly await the experience of trying olive oils and vinegars.

Owning an olive oil shop like vomFASS can be a great business to be in. But, what type of format you choose will depend on your background and experience and how much ongoing support you need. Olive oil shops fall into three categories: independent shops, franchises, and distributorships.

Independent Shop–Unless you have run a retail business before, chances are you don’t have a clue where to find reliable sources of supply for product, bottles, tanks, and the myriad other things you need in order to start up your new operation.

Franchises–If you are looking at this web page, you are already considering franchising. You might be thinking this is the way to go; you won’t have to worry about branding, marketing, finding product, locating suppliers for bottles, etc. All this will be done for you. You will benefit from the experience of other franchisees, the franchiser, and an existing business model!

Distributorships–There are also companies that offer to provide you; oil, vinegar, bottles, tanks, and other products. One of the largest distributors claims to supply one hundred successful stores, does not require that you franchise with them, and has a very seductive message. But they do require that you sign an agreement to use them exclusively; you are not allowed to sell any other oils or vinegars.

One critical element of owning an olive oil shop (or any retail store) is location. Stores are about 1,000 square feet in size. Your success is dependent on finding the right location for your shop and securing a lease with favorable terms. Olive oil shops are located in a range of retail venues that include neighborhood strip shopping centers, regional shopping centers, lifestyle centers, downtown shopping areas and tourist locations. Having the right advice and real estate guidance could be the difference between success and failure in retailing.

Another critical element of owning an olive oil shop is the products you sell. Customers entering an olive oil shop expect variety and quality otherwise they would just go to a grocery store. Most olive oil shops just sell olive oil and vinegars. Some may also sell wine. vomFASS product lines go beyond wine and into the rare spirits and liqueurs for a broader selection and appeal.

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