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The Spanish flavor profile is one of the world’s most delicious and healthful, emphasizing freshness of ingredients, diverse tastes and complexity of textures. As the number one producer of olive oil worldwide, this heart-healthy and flavorful ingredient is represented prominently throughout traditional Spanish cuisine. Surprisingly, olives are not indigenous to Spain, but are part of the multiple of influences that have amalgamated into the significant and colorful Spanish culture of today and its contribution to the highly regarded Mediterranean Diet.

“Even though the original Mediterranean Diet studies did not include Spain (in the Mediterranean, they focused on Greece and Italy), it is abundantly clear that much of what we now call a Mediterranean diet is really a traditional Spanish diet, and has been that way for generations, in good times and bad.“ The Culinary Institute of America, Nancy Harmon Jenkins 2008

Bordered by over 3,000 miles of coastline, historically Spain offered valuable trade access, which in turn made it vulnerable to occupation. Each occupation brought exposure and knowledge from other civilizations. The Romans brought wine making and the cultivation and pressing of olives. The Moors were responsible for bringing rice, oranges, saffron and cumin to Spain. The Columbian Exchange (named for Spain’s most famous explorer, Christopher Columbus) introduced new world produce such as tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and avocadoes to the Spanish table.
vomFASS is a strong proponent of great Spanish flavors and offers several exceptional products indicative of this delicious and healthy cuisine.

vomFASS features the best Spanish olive oil, vinegar, brandy and wine


Don Carlos Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This versatile, cold-pressed Spanish olive oil comes from premium, organically grown Andalusian olives. Deep golden in color, this cholesterol-free oil boasts a refined combination of grass, fruit and olive notes, with a bright and peppery finish. Don Carlos is a light-to-medium bodied olive oil that works beautifully in a variety of dishes. Use Don Carlos as the perfect complement to any goat or sheep’s milk cheese, for bread dipping and for adding a delicious, peppery note to salads.

Vinagre Viejo de Montilla

A fine, matured vinegar with subtle complexity, the superb aroma of which makes it an excellent aperitif or suitable for the refinement of Carpaccio. Meat dishes, too, in particular wild game and sauces, receive a perfect finishing touch with this old Spanish wine vinegar.

Sherry Vinegar Riserva

Sophisticated, traditional and proud – the Sherry Vinegar is produced in Jerez, a city in the Cádiz province of southern Spain. This is the oldest of the Spanish vinegars and is held in high esteem all over the world. Sherry vinegar embodies a uniquely rich bouquet which enhances wild game dishes, marinated pot roasts and is superb for seasoning or rounding off dark sauces, lentils, liver or fish marinades. This venerable vinegar matures for many years in accordance with the famous solera process, which always guarantees the same high quality.

Fernández Brandy de Jerez – Solera Gran Reserva

This brandy is a rare Solera Gran Reserva and is matured for 10 to 15 years in Spanish oak casks. The classic Solera system adds generous complexity to this dark, extremely concentrated and rich brandy. Full of the ripe flavors of molasses, honeycomb and maple syrup this brandy displays outstanding length and taste. vomFASS offers the Reserva Gran Solera which is the highest designation of brandy from Spain. This means that the youngest brandy in the blend is 10 years old, however, due to the solera aging method, there could be 50-100yr brandies mixed with a 10yr.

Spanish Single Malt Whisky

All casks for this unique product are hand-selected by Master Distillers and have produced a rich, balanced single malt. Mediterranean warmth on the palate and strong notes of American oak with a long-lasting finish make this a real masterpiece. There is no older Spanish Single Malt Whisky from this distillery available on the market, and this particular 14 year old Single Malt from the DYC distillery is exclusively sold at vomFASS.

One of the great contributions to world cuisine is this typical Spanish salad. Delicious and earthy, this salad comprises the freshest ingredients with a premium vomFASS oil and vinegar, making it a hallmark for the Mediterranean diet. Look, Taste, Enjoy!

Spanish Tomato Salad 
Toni Jakovec April 4, 2017


  1. In a large salad bowl add tomatoes, cucumber, onion, parsley and garlic; toss to combine.
  2. Using a small cruet or lidded jar add vomFASS Don Carlos Extra Virgin Olive Oil, vomFASS Vinagre Viejo and salt & pepper to taste. Shake to combine.
  3. Pour vinaigrette over vegetables, toss and serve with crusty bread.

Optional additions:
Shaved Manchego cheese
Avocado slices
Spanish olives

Recipe may be doubled or tripled


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