Good Day Austin Showcases vomFASS’s Exclusive Fourth Of July Beverage Recipes

Chris Vetromile, owner of vomFASS’s Austin, Texas location appeared on KTBC’s Good Day Austin to create three summer beverages perfect for a Fourth of July celebration.

Made from the vomFASS line of fruit-infused vinegars, Chris put together vomFASS’s Signature Sweet Tea as well as the Red White & Blue Firecracker Thirst Quencher, an Italian soda-style drink complete with a garnish of pop rocks. As hosts Lauren and Keri toasted with drinks in hand, Chris quickly mixed vomFASS’s Strawberry Shrub Swizzle––an infusion of strawberry and calamansi vinegars chilled over ice.


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Keri: Nothing says 4th of July like some cocktails, right? And we’re going to leave the alcohol out.

Lauren: We’re doing non-alcoholic.

Chris: No alcohol today.

Lauren: No alcohol on the set.

Keri: That’s right. Chris Vetromile is here from vomFASS out in West Lake. Lauren and I have both been to this shop before. You guys have a lot of different things.

Chris: Yes. Basically, the shop itself is vinegars and oils from all around the world, and you get to taste them before you purchase. But the other side of the store is spirits, which we’re leaving out today, and wine. But yeah, fruit vinegars is our specialty, and that’s what we’re going to highlight today. Basically, our company makes these fruit vinegars in-house ourselves, and they’re like no other. So it’s not a low grade balsamic with a strawberry added into it, calling it a strawberry balsamic vinegar. This is actually vinegar made from the strawberry. It goes into a juice, into a wine, then from that wine created into the vinegar itself. So it’s extra special.

Keri: Hey, by the way, I do want to mention that you can taste at vomFASS.

Lauren: Oh yeah.

Keri: I mean they’ve got these urns all over the store. Right?

Lauren: And these little glasses.

Chris: Yes.

Keri: And the tiny glasses.

Lauren: Perfect tasting glasses.

Chris: Tasting glasses.

Lauren: And normally vinegar definitely isn’t something you would think of to put in a beverage.

Keri: Yeah.

Lauren: So how do you guys do it?

Chris: That’s correct. That’s the key with our fruit vinegars, they’re so sweet. They’re just that unique flavor. It tastes like you’re biting on the fruit itself with a little bit of the vinegar bite, and so that’s why we’re able to mix them into the drinks and cocktails. With that, we’ll add a little sparkling water, give it a little bubbly, mellow it out a little bit. But it is an excellent way to do it. So if you don’t mind, we’ll start. You guys ready to taste?

Keri: Oh yeah. Oh yeah, we are.

Chris: Okay. Just don’t want to run out of time.

Keri: Sure. Okay.

Chris: So what we’re going to do today is we’re actually going to make sweet tea. This is a vomFASS style sweet tea.

Keri: All right.

Chris: No sugar added.

Keri: Okay.

Lauren: Okay.

Chris: How can you do it? We’re going to take our star honey vinegar and we’re going to pour that in, and that’s going to give it the sweet. Then we’re also going to use our calamansi, which gives it the citrus. With that right there, you basically have a sweet tea without having any of the sugar added.

Keri: Oh, okay.

Chris: Get you guys each some of that.

Keri: All right. Oh, and of course the Tervis cup too. We’re a big fan of those.

Lauren: Oh yeah. Perfect for summer. Perfect for 4th of July.

Chris: Most definitely. Put a little bit of lemon wedge on there for you.

Keri: So yeah. Every 4th of July . . .

Chris: And there’s the sweet tea.

Lauren: Just like iced tea . . .

Keri: Here you go.

Lauren: . . . but definitely a little different flavor too.

Keri: Cheers.

Lauren: Cheers.

Chris: See what you think of that. As you guys take a sip of that, we’ll move on to the next one.

Lauren: Oh, that’s tasty.

Keri: That’s awesome. Yum.

Lauren: Yeah. You would never think . . . you can taste the vinegar a little bit, but like you said, it’s sweet vinegar.

Chris: Yeah. The honey brings out the real sweetness of it.

Keri: That is good.

Chris: So it’s an excellent way to not have that sugar. But we’re going to put a little bit of sugar in our next drink, because we have our red, white and blue firecracker thirst quenchers.

Lauren: All right.

Chris: We’ve got two of them today.

Keri: Here, I’ll switch sides with you.

Chris: So the firecracker part of that is we’re actually going to add pop rocks to the rim of the glass.

Lauren: Oh, I like that. That’s your secret ingredient on this one.

Chris: So we add a little bit of lemon. That’s our secret ingredient for the 4th of July, our firework.

Keri: They’re popping.

Chris: Yeah, you can hear that. So there you go for that. We’ve already set up our other one just for time’s sake. Now we have on this one, this one is our blueberry Italian-style soda. We’re taking our star blueberry vinegar.

Keri: Okay.

Lauren: Okay.

Chris: We’re taking a little bit of apple vinegar.

Lauren: Look at that color.

Chris: And then we’re also taking some fresh squeezed lemon juice. And then this is basically an Italian style syrup. You can leave this in your fridge. You can keep this for quite some time, up to two weeks, and then just add it to your drinks when you’re ready.

Keri: Okay.

Chris: So what we’re going to do here, if we have ice with our pop rocks, we’re going to add some sparkling water.

Lauren: Okay. Yeah, this is a good 4th of July drink and something you could easily throw together for your guests.

Chris: Most definitely. So our red, white and blue, the red being the pop rocks . . .

Keri: Oh wow.

Chris: . . . the blue being the blueberry.

Keri: That’s awesome.

Chris: And then you have the white of the ice.

Lauren: Oh yeah, that one looks good.

Chris: We’ll put two American flags in there for you.

Keri: Hey Chris, we’ve got about 30 seconds, and I want to get to this last one.

Chris: Okay, real quick, we’ve got to do the last one.

Keri: Okay. Cheers, Lauren.

Chris: This one we’re going to muddle, so we’ll do that really quickly. We’ve got strawberries in here.

Lauren: The fireworks.

Chris: We’re going to muddle those up really quickly. With that, we’re going to put our strawberry vinegar in there. We’re going to put our calamansi vinegar back in, and then we’re going to put our crushed ice on top that.

Lauren: This is another colorful one.

Chris: So this is our strawberry shrub swizzle.

Keri: Yeah. Good name.

Chris: So with that, you need to swizzle stick it, and you need to get it real frosty. If you want for the kids, you can add in rock candy.

Lauren: Yes.

Chris: Swizzle that, get it all nice and cold.

Keri: It’s popping. The pop rocks.

Chris: And there we have our drinks.

Lauren: Cheers, Chris.

Keri: See, you don’t need any alcohol.

Lauren: I love all of the things you’re incorporating for your non- alcoholic beverages.

Chris: Perfect. There you go.

Keri: This is great stuff.

Chris: Thank you.

Keri: Go see Chris and the lovely people over at vomFASS. See, no alcohol needed. Delicious.

Lauren: No, you’ve got candy.

Keri: I know. And it pops. We’ll be right back.

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