Fantastic Claremont Grand Opening

Claremont Crew and Brian Boytano

It was just September 6th when we last checked in with Kim Peebles and Denise Solis, as they excitedly prepared for the opening of the first vomFASS store in Claremont, California. A mere two months later, the Claremont Village Square has seen a fantastic grand opening of its newest neighbor.

Toni Jakovec: Hi, Kim, it’s so nice to talk to you again. So, tell me all the news! When was your grand opening?

Kim Peeples: Hi, Toni! A lot has happened since our last interview. Our grand opening was November 2nd and 3rd.

TJ: I heard you had a very exciting guest at your opening. Tell us, how did you get Olympic Gold Medalist and celebrity chef Brian Boitano to join in your grand opening festivities?

KP: My partner Denise and I had been following Brian Boitano ever since he began his cooking show on the Food Network. Once we agreed on a vomFASS franchise, we knew we wanted to include Brian Boitano in some fashion. So, I just went out on a limb and contacted him via Facebook. He gave me the name of the person that handled all of his bookings. Once I got in touch with his agent, I explained that we were big fans and would love to have Brian come to our store. It seemed like such a natural connection with the “foodie” angle. After several conversations, Brian and his agent actually said yes! It was agreed that Brian would come to our store and hold a book signing during our grand opening. We were all so excited! We began publicizing immediately on Facebook and got a wonderful article in the local newspaper, the Claremont Courier, the Friday before the opening. We had people lined up before we opened the door to see Brian.

TJ: Wow, that’s incredible. You actually did not know Brian Boitano.

KP: (laughing) No, I just had a dream…

TJ: Well, it was a great dream! So, who did the public relations for this event?

KP: The press was handled for us by All Points, vomFASS’ public relations agency. They wrote a great press release and got it out to the local paper.

TJ: So All Points supports franchisees when you have an event or announcement.

KP: Yes, but in this particular case, All Points knew our opening was coming up, so they contacted us to make sure the event was publicized. Of course, then I told them about Brian’s involvement and asked that the agency arrange for some press around him. They did a special press release about Brian and got it out to the local media.

TJ: What other amenities did you offer at the grand opening?

KP: In addition to the samples and tastings that are always available at vomFASS, we had a local caterer provide food that was prepared with our products. We also offered Calamansi with sparkling water and a Fizzy Fig cocktail for our adult guests.

TJ: It sounds like you put on quite an impressive event.

KP: It was wonderful. And I wanted to say a couple of things about Brian. He was so engaging with the public. The first little girl in line brought her ice skate for him to sign. One of the ladies in line said her mother had wanted to come so badly, but was taken to the hospital. Brian got out his cell phone and called her mother and had a wonderful chat with her.

TJ: Thanks so much, Kim, for letting us in on your spectacular grand opening. Congratulations!

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