Boca Raton Store in the News

They call the experience “customer theater,” and it’s true. So give yourself some time at the exclusive spirits, wine, oils and vinegars shop called vomFASS, which recently moved next to the Dubliner in Mizner Park.

The Alterio, Martin and Zecchini family will give you a running commentary and tastes around the store. That’s whether you’re an epicure or gourmet looking for extra virgin olive oil from Spain, Greece, France or Italy, infused oils, wine vinegars and a huge selection of fruit balsamics, from mango to raspberry to pear. And that’s just for starters.

The casks you see form the front window hold special scotches, American and Irish whiskeys, rum, gin and vodka. Next come the wines. By the time you work your way around the store, you’re in front aof a wall filled with liqueurs, grappa and brandy. And don’t forget to look at the cognac, Armagnac and even absinthe, legalized in the U.S. in 2007. They also sell chutneys, pasta, seasonings and glassware.

Who’s their customer?

“People who like cooking and baking and enjoy fine foods,” said Oscar Martin, married to….

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