Our History

vomFASS quickly grew throughout Europe as family run franchises opened their shops, continuing the family legacy and tradition. vomFASS offers only products of the highest quality, a unique tasting experience with unparalleled customer service. Our exquisite products are produced by artisans from around the globe, who have passed down the highest quality growing and production techniques from one generation to the next. It is this symbiotic relationship between the vomFASS family and the families of our producers that has evolved into one of the most sought-after franchises in the world.

The flagship franchise business in the United States in 2007 was founded by the Gibson family. Justin Gibson, discovered vomFASS in Germany and brought the concept to his father, David Gibson; together they began to share this extraordinary opportunity around the nation. Today vomFASS continues to grow throughout the United States under the strong leadership of the founder’s son, Thomas Kiderlen, and through dedicated and diverse franchise families.

Our European Roots

German culinary entrepreneur, Johannes Kiderlen, founded the unique franchise opportunity, vomFASS, in 1994. Since then, we’ve grown to over 270 franchise stores around the world. Learn about our rich European heritage and our expansion to the U.S. market

European Tradition of Excellence

Soon after assuming ownership of his father’s company in 1994, Johannes Kiderlen transformed the business to focus on only four products: fruit vinegars, artisanal oils, select wines, and spirits.

Kiderlen’s entrepreneurial instincts paid off, as patrons quickly embraced the unique franchise concept that encouraged them to sample products direct “from the cask” before taking them home in attractive bottles of their choosing. The knowledge Kiderlen gained from this early success would evolve into our company’s guiding mission:

Only the very best ingredients will be used in the manufacturing of vomFASS oils, vinegars, and spirits, without exception.

This mission has led to growing vomFASS to over 250 store locations  in 20 countries, including Germany, China, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, and of course the United States. And our vomFASS products regularly earn awards at international culinary events.

Coming to the United States

Thomas Kiderlen is proud to bring his knowledge and passion for his family’s business to the US. Thomas has served as the CEO of vomFASS in Germany for the last two years. His proven business acumen and leadership pave the way for even greater franchise success in the USA.

Expanding upon the successful foundation of the brand’s European stores, vomFASS imports only the finest vinegars, oils, wines, and spirits, and uniquely offers them to customers in quantities of their choice.

A Delicious Franchise Opportunity

Today, Thomas Kiderlen and his team are seeking business-savvy gourmet food enthusiasts to continue our rich story in the U.S. market. If you’d like to become part of our proud vomFASS franchise business tradition, contact a vomFASS franchise representative about starting your journey today.

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