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oil and vinegar bottles

By Toni Jakovec

Yelp was founded in 2004 to help people find great local businesses. From the first quarter of 2014, Yelp has had an average of approximately 132 million monthly visitors. Yelpers have written over 57 mission local reviews. Here are just a few of the reviews vomFASS has recieved.

Monica R. 5/23/2014 vomFASS – Sedona, Arizona

This experience was delightful. The manager and staff were friendly and knowledgeable. We had a terrific time and are not only enjoying the fabulous taste of the oils and vinegars we purchased but also the elegance of the packaging is worthy of display!

Nikki B. 12/24/13 vomFASS – Claremont, California

Well what a nice surprise! I experienced my first Whiskey/Scotch tasting bar while in Edinburgh, and I loved it. Well now I have a great one close to home. The single malt Irish Whiskey is just one of my great finds. However, there is a plethora of delightful liqueurs to choose from as well. There selection of vinegar’s, and oils is to die for as well. I am so pleased I found vomFASS I will definitely be requiring a frequent flyer card.

Alyce A. 12/29/2013 vomFASS – Austin, Texas

Looking to reduce your environmental impact in a super fun way? This is the place to go. They have all sorts of to die for olive oils, vinegars, and spirits that you can buy (in) bulk! Bring back the bottle when you’re done and fill it again. It’s an amazing place worth every penny.

Stacy H. 2/25/2014 vomFASS – St. Louis, Missouri

I love vomFASS! Shopping here is like an adventure! It is located on the wonderful little strip in Maplewood on Manchester Rd. among all of the other neat and unique stores. The customer service here is excellent. When we walked in, we admitted to the associate that we were clueless. He explained that vomFASS means “from the cask” in German. That it is a franchise that sells olive oils, vinegars, liqueurs, whiskeys, etc. For the olive oil and vinegar they offer a lot of selections of different flavor infused choices. You buy a bottle which can be reused on additional visits. The liqueur and whiskey is sold pre-packaged due to liquor laws in Missouri/US. Two amazing things about this store: 1. TASTING!!!!! The associates are really encouraging of you tasting the products. We tasted mostly the liqueur and whiskey. 2. Recipes: they have these little cards for their products with recipes on them. We took one home with us (along with our purchases) and made this really great martini! Definitely check this place out! It is a little expensive, but think of it like a treat for your kitchen!

Nicole R. 3/5/2014 vomFASS – Des Moines, Iowa

Liqueur, oils, and whiskey. What’s not to love? Seriously one of the best places to find gifts or to get something out of the ordinary for yourself. Their liqueurs are abundant in flavors, and their whiskey/whisky selection to die for. A major plus is that bottle of 22 year old Bowmore that’s $250 a bottle? You can get a smaller bottle ranging from $25.00 upward.

Christine B. 6/22/2014 vomFASS – Sarasota, Florida

vomFASS has become a must stop every time I am downtown. The owners and staff are so knowledgeable and so completely understanding of any need a customer might have that it is impossible to leave that store unsatisfied. They allow you to sample freely without any pressure to buy, but I never walk out of there empty-handed. The oils and vinegars are out of this world, and I will continue to go down there and refill my containers! vomFASS is A+!

Karyn P. 6/6/2014 vomFASS – Maple Grove, Minnesota

I love this store!!! They let you taste everything too. Very helpful staff. Will definitely go back .

Chris “Gilly“ G. 6/24/2024 vomFASS – Noblesville, Indiana

Insanely cool store located in Hamilton Town Center that carries a huge array of flavored oils, vinegar, and spices. Located caddy corner (caddy roundabout?) from the Qdoba at the first entrance. Easy to miss and I just stumbled upon after walking out of Sunglass Hut.

Store is tastefully decorated, staff was very helpful, and this is a great place to pick up something unique. Went with a red pepper olive oil that should be well received by everyone here, but there are many more daring options. Can’t wait to go back now that I know it’s here.. need to review the recipe binder first! Ask for a sample if unsure!

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