Jackson Hole


Kim Weiss of vomFASS Jackson Hole & vomFASS Sedona

Occasionally, a vomFASS franchise partner’s former profession can seem like a different life altogether. “I was a litigating attorney,” says Kim Weiss. Prior to owning her vomFASS, Kim was a partner at a Beverly Hills law firm before relocating to Wyoming. And although Kim was skilled attorney, she’d begun to feel the strain that often accompanies high-pressure litigation.

But a chance encounter would soon alter Kim’s career path forever. While on vacation in Stratford-upon-Avon with her husband, Gary, Kim happened upon a unique store filled with traditional-style wooden casks.“We have to check that out,” Kim said. Almost instantly, Kim and Gary fell in-love with the vomFASS store’s exceptional products. Neither had ever experienced oils, vinegars and fine scotches like what they’d found by chance in that little shop in Shakespeare’s hometown.

Ahead of the Crowd

The problem, however, would come when Kim and Gary returned to the US. Kim was unable to adequately replace the vomFASS products with anything she bought at home—despite spending nearly 3-4 times what she had in the UK. After England refused to ship products stateside, Kim searched for an answer online. With luck, she discovered vomFASS USA—then, a single location in Madison, WI and an online store.

After placing an order, Kim noticed a banner promoting new franchise sales.
“Oh sure,” Kim said to herself. “That sounds great, but I’m a lawyer. I can’t do that…right?”
Four years later, Kim and Gary have successfully owned and operated vomFASS Jackson Hole and have just recently launched vomFASS Sedona, AZ.

Maintaining a Personal Touch

Success has not been without its challenges, however. vomFASS has always relied upon its franchise partners to infuse their own personalities into their stores: personal touch is paramount to the brand promise. What happens to that promise when an owner is about to split their time between multiple locations? “We’re going to be onsite as much as possible,” Kim says. “We have a great manager, and we’re going to be very involved in both locations. We expect to replicate our success in Sedona.”

The plan for success includes hosting many special events at the new store—something that has itself brought new opportunities for Kim. “After I opened my vomFASS, a lot of people would ask, ‘Well, what are you supposed to do with all of these great products?’ I began experimenting at home, creating new recipes. I debuted new dishes as hors d’oeuvres at parties I hosted at the store in Jackson Hole, including mixology recipes once the store started carrying alcohol.”

Naturally, an idea emerged: a cookbook aimed at helping gourmets get the most out of the products available at vomFASS, which Kim is busy writing now.

Only the Best – Always

Kim’s natural drive has blended perfectly with the vomFASS standard of excellence, Only the best. Always.

“For me, the quality of vomFASS products is phenomenal. vomFASS is the best at whatever it does—the best brandy, the best vinegars, and the best oils.”

Kim no longer practices law—she couldn’t even if she wanted to, she’s too busy. And although Kim admits that she does work very hard, her work is rewarding in ways that it wasn’t before. “I make people happy now. That wasn’t always true as a litigator.”

“It’s much more fun to make people happy.”

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